BCM449 - Tunnel megabattle, another four plays

(6:44) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Normal. Highlighting three rock groupings you can enjoy defending at, this shows another four plays of the tunnel megabattle set-up used in the last movie, in which I'm armed with a pistol and plasma rifle.

Released August 27th 2023, gameplay recorded August 24th 2023.


00:02 (Play 1 - Upper rocks runaround) This small grouping of rocks in the upper part of the tunnel turns out to be a great place for an intense and hectic defence. The first two Elites are quickly killed when I tag one of them. Moments later, another two go down. I think the first of those fell victim to a fumbled plasma throw by a Grunt. He's not seen but you hear his death cry. The second was killed by a plasma blast after I tagged a Grunt around 0:29.

The seventh and final Elite is a rather late arrival; you can see him arriving around 0:52. A few seconds later I tag him then hop over him to attack the remaining Grunts and Jackals.

01:23 (Play 2 - Middle rock pair) These two rocks give excellent cover if tall enough (which depends on your randomized rock geometry), and make a good hold-out spot. I end up doing a bit of Hunter dodging here, and around 2:06 my plasma grenade meant for an Elite actually gets stuck to the Hunter. My favourite bit is the Grunt bomb around 2:27, which takes out a good few minor covies.

02:53 (Play 3 - Lower rock pair) A bit deeper, here's another good rock pair to defend at (depending on their exact geometry), and in this play I have quite a hectic time of things, featuring a lot of grenade throwing. When I advance up to the middle rock pair around 4:40 I'm too careless about it and quickly find myself down to only one health bar, but I manage to hang on for a victory.

05:09 (Play 4 - Upper rocks again) I did quite a few plays at the upper rocks, and since they're relatively short I was able to squeeze a second one into the movie. I'm a little pressured by the final Hunter for a while, but eventually I put a bullet in his back when he goes up a rock. An unusual kill.

A few seconds afterwards I find myself down to a single health bar and things are on a knife-edge (I actually took a plasma ball while already on one bar), but happily the rocky cover allows me to recharge. And with the pressure reduced, I'm eventully able to pick up a needler to finish things off with a few nice bangs.

Closing remarks Okay, I think that'll do it for the plasma rifle and pistol for a while. It's time I got to some sniping, because that's very nice in the tunnel. Coming next!