BCM456 - Tunnel megabattle, up-flow battling with a base fight set-up

(6:51) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Normal. Further on the topic of up-flow battling in the tunnel megabattle, I realised I could make use of the base fight set-up featured in BCM452 and BCM453. The covies aren't quite as far down the tunnel as would be ideal, but it doesn't matter too much; and on the plus side I can easily board a Ghost and I've also got a needler. Check out some of the spicy action I recorded!

Released September 8th 2023, gameplay recorded August 31st - September 6th 2023.


00:02 (Play 1 - Middle rocks via Ghost) Things are off to an explosive start when I disembark at the middle rocks. A red Elite takes the seat and is instantly on the receiving end of my needles. The blast sends the Ghost spinning away, mowing down another Elite so fast that you could be forgiven for not even noticing. A short while later the Ghost comes back into play with a new pilot, but is quickly destroyed with a tag.

01:21 (Play 2 - Upper rocks via Ghost) This time I cruise on up to the upper rocks, where I have a bit more time tp get settled. Elites arrive pretty fast though, so things soon get hectic. A blue Elite boards the vacated Ghost but is instantly tagged. Later on, I right it to let another victim step forth, and within a few seconds I'm enjoying another bit of pilot tagging fun.

02:50 (Play 3 - Middle rocks via Banshee) I also have a Banshee available of course, and actually it's in good condition with six bars of health. I initially use it to draw the covies at the middle rocks down to make some space there for my subsequent defence, and it's another fairly explosive one!

04:58 (Play 4 - Going high via Ghost) It's back to the Ghost again now, and I take it well past the upper rocks, then dismount to leave it as Elite bait. I'm close enough that the covies won't be triggered to advance past the upper rocks, and as such, I'm able to attack them from some distance, though still being in range of their weapons. But the key feature of course, is the successive killing of Elites who run forth to try and pilot the Ghost. I have good fun with that, tagging the last Elite for an explosive conclusion to that phase of the proceedings.

Closing remarks Got a lot of good up-flow battling our of this earlier set-up. And I must say, I enjoyed captioning that last play with the Ghost bait business.