BCM494 - Sleeping Grunts room, setting up for battle

(5:38) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Legendary. With my last two movies having been about slaying the occupants of the sleeping Grunts room, I thought it was time I made a tutorial on setting up for that, and it also accompanies the release of my article about the battle. Various options are covered, including that of eliminating the music. I'm using Legendary here because I'm planning to get into some heavy combat next, but if you're setting up, you might want to start off with Heroic!

Released May 29th 2024, gameplay recorded May 27th-28th 2024.


00:02 (Simple set-up) As you can see, I brought a Banshee along. That was because of the later uses I planned for some of the set-up options, but it was also handy for dealing with the door Elites!

This initial option is where you just throw your gathered spare weapons across the passage checkpoint trigger line, then checkpoint. I take some care with my throwing, to try and keep the weapons separated. Also, I deliberately have the launcher and AR closest, because I'd expect those to be the spares I'd select most often.

By the way, you'll notice that the first weapon I picked up was a plasma pistol on 100% from one of the Shade gunners. Handy! Other weapons were from further afield. The plasma rifle on 100% was from a Ghost pilot.

01:43 (Weapons moved deeper, but awkwardly) Having also highlighted where the room trigger is, I now demonstrate the option of moving weapons further on while awkwardly keeping the passage checkpoint delayed by jumping. Because of the awkwardness my spares end up in a somewhat messy layout. I could've fiddled around more to improve that, but I deliberately left them like this for the demo, to reflect the issue.

02:16 (Using a tunnel checkpoint instead) This time the passage checkpoint is simply ignored, enabling much easier moving and placing. A nice compact layout results; certainly the best yet. Then I'm off in the Banshee to bring back a delayed tunnel checkpoint. After which, there's a short partial play just to show the set-up in action. Gratuitous Grunt bomb included!

03:29 (Music elimination) At the start here, I'm just finishing some weapon moving for another set-up. But then I show the music elimination option, where you finish with a delayed checkpoint triggered in the exit passage back to the bridge. There's a spot of window breaking along the way too, for fun.

04:45 (Brief sample play) To finish, here's a sample play of that set-up. It's partly to provide a short amusing ending for the movie, but also to highlight that the battling here is rather tough on Legendary. In this case I'm killed just seconds after heading into the inner area and meeting up with five red grunty troopers. They provide stiff resistance, but it's an Elite who puts me down. Didn't see him coming.

Closing remarks Took a little while to settle on the structure of this tutorial. In fact, my initial work on it actually caused me to reconsider a few things in regard to set-up work itself. One aspect was, initially I'd been recording with Marines present, as I thought they'd add some fun to the business of killing the door Elites. But they tended to get in the way when I was weapon moving, and I also didn't like them causing the door to activate (due to their movements) when I was inside working. Annoying, that was. So I started over, but this time without any Marines running around being a nuisance!