BCM496 - Sleeping Grunts room battle x3

(6:47) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Legendary. Another three battles in the sleeping Grunts room, with various weapons including the pistol and sniper rifle.

Released June 9th 2024, gameplay recorded June 8th 2024.


00:02 (Pistol) The pistol didn't feature in the previous movie, and that's what started me on this sequel. It needed a showing. In this play I'm off to a pretty good start after tagging both of the Elites through the shattered tunnel window. Unusual! Bit clumsy at the end of the play though. Double-tagged the last Grunt for fun and almost blew myself up!

02:15 (Plasma rifle & launcher, inner play) While the launcher is of course a lot of fun blasting covies as you go around the room's periphery, it's also great for using in the inner area. This play was quite memorable for me in that I made a Grunt bomb out of a tunnel runner for the first time (see 3:05). My rocket aim was rather far left (the idea of rocketing him came to me late, so I was rushed) but luckily he was just in range of the blast, so off he flew. By the sound of things, two of his buddies got killed as a result.

Later in the play I get taken by surprise by a Grunt, and almost kill myself when I fire off a hasty rocket. Oops! Silly cyborg. The play comes to an amusing end when I tag a Grunt through one of the porthole windows, and his body settles on the window-sill.

04:52 (Sniper rifle & AR) I tried out some sniping as the basis for a third battle, and was soon having plenty of fun with the rifle around the periphery, something I haven't shown before, or done much of. This play was a relatively swift one for a sniping play, which enabled me to keep the movie under seven minutes.

Closing remarks Actually I was having so much fun with the sniper rifle, I'm already thinking of devoting a whole future movie to it, including some use of the light-amplified view. So that's something to watch out for.