BCM499 - Sleeping Grunts room battle, needler rampage x3

(6:53) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Heroic. In previous showings of needler use in the sleeping Grunts room battle, I was quite limited as there was no spare ammo to be had. This time however, I'm using a set-up in which seven needlers have been placed around the room in advance. So now I can really go on the rampage!

Released June 17th 2024, gameplay recorded June 12th-14th 2024.


00:02 (Play 1) To open the movie I wanted to focus on some good rampaging in the inner area, and in particular I fancied getting the action off to a start by heavily needling a perched Grunt. So that's what I do, and a nice run-around ensues before I start seeking out the remaining Grunts around the periphery.

02:37 (Play 2) As in the last play I use nothing but needles and grenades, although I did also have an AR (the secondary weapon I chose for the set-up). This time I initially do some work attacking inner covies through the first tunnel's window, then I start working around the periphery.

04:40 (Play 3) Near the start of this play I realise that a red Elite is gunning for me, but by going up the first tunnel (5:10) as he comes down the avenue, I effectively leave him behind, to be tackled later.

Cutting across the inner area, I get into the periphery but go down to my last health bar in the face of grunty resistance, and briefly use my rocket launcher to get through a dangerous few seconds. I'd picked up the launcher from my spares at the start, thinking that a few rockets here and there might be nice for this final play. The red Elite is eventually taken care of with needles however, through a tunnel window (6:13).

Closing remarks In creating this set-up I used an old base save for setting up spiral path megabattles, as it had six full needlers already collected and assembled in a few locations. I wouldn't have to do much collection work (I just got a well-stocked seventh needler), and much of the weapon movement work had already been done. Convenient as that was, I've since realised that I should've instead used an old base save I had in connection with Elite fireworks, because that one had nine needlers assembled, and all at a well advanced location too (the Wraith's ice patch in the tower area). Well, no matter. I'm now planning to use that to create a new and even more needler-rich set-up for my rampaging. So don't be surprised if you see me using that in a future movie!

I deliberately used Heroic rather than Legendary so I could more freely rampage. However, I may try a Legendary set-up sometime, to see how that plays.