BCM501 - Sleeping Grunts room battle, reverse battling via wall transit

(6:26) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Legendary. I've shown a few reverse plays for the sleeping Grunts room battle before, but you can initiate such plays faster with the Ghost trick shown at the start of this movie!

Released June 25th 2024, gameplay recorded June 22nd-23rd 2024.


00:02 (Placing the Ghost in advance) Having grabbed this Banshee at the first bridge and flown straight here for this advance work, I position a Ghost for wall transits. The position used here seems reliable and is my best recommendation.

01:18 (Reverse battle with plasma combo) On this first play I stay in the Ghost a little too long and the Grunts wake up, necessitating some hasty defence. I deliberately did this (which is really quite hazardous on Legendary) just to contrast with what I do in the next play.

03:58 (Reverse battle with AR & launcher) This time I exit the Ghost fast so the Grunts remain asleep. That enables me to take them by surprise, making them panic.

Closing remarks Been waiting a while to show this transit trick, ever since I thought of it.