Banshee bouncing off a dropship

In a Banshee, try getting in the way of a moving dropship. You get bounced off in a potentially violent way.

The first time this happened to me, I'd just flown past the first dropship in the level and was hovering for a moment, taking a few shots at the Wraith. All of a sudden it was like I'd got caught up in a vortex or something; I didn't know what was happening until I straightened up and realized I'd just been brushed aside by the dropship. Maybe this 'bouncing' is basically the same as with a Ghost bouncing off a Wraith; i.e. maybe they both arise from some common element of the physics engine.

The other place to try this out is with the second dropship, after getting the underpass checkpoint at the start of the spiral path megabattle. It's very convenient because you can revert to that checkpoint repeatedly and be trying another 'bounce' within moments. For the most cinematic collision, I like to fly up and over the underpass into the next area, then double back and meet the departing dropship head-on as it comes through the narrow gorge.