Gold Elite challenge

At the end of the first bridge, you meet up with a nasty gold Elite waving a plasma sword around. Here's a challenge. Bit by bit, lead him all the way back to where the Pelican dropped you off. It's possible, though you sometimes need to send a few shots his way to keep his interest. It gets pretty damn scary when he's chasing just a few yards behind you. He seems to be a tiny bit faster than you, enabling him to take a swing every now and then. The sound of a plasma sword whizzing past your ears is guaranteed to keep you moving! But you can get a few yards on him by being better at weaving around obstacles.

Off the edge

If you manage to get him back to the starting point and you're really ambitious, you might try to go one better by standing at the edge of the precipice, letting him take a swing at you, then dodging, leaving him to fall to his death. It's possible, but far harder than dodging a Hunter swipe. It seem to me that he has two types of swing. If you guess the right one, you stand half a chance of dodging if you time it right. But otherwise it's curtains (unless playing on Easy, where a sword swipe is not always fatal).