Marine-retaining Warthog

Posted November 2nd 2006

Keep up the good work buddy!

Normally when you dismount from a Warthog in this level, passengers dismount after a short while, which can be quite annoying if you're under attack and hoping for the chain-gun to keep rattling away. However, if you tricked the game into giving you an extra hog early in the level (see An extra Warthog, Two or three extra Marines and a hog, or Seven extra Marines and a hog), you'll still have the original hog to play with and it has a useful property. It seems to retain its Marines; they'll stay aboard unless you make them dismount.

This opens up new possibilities for battle as you can now count on continued chain-gun support when you dismount to fight on foot, or to fight in a vehicle of your own - possibly even manning the other hog's chain-gun for some very noisy dual chain-gun fun! That's particularly handy in the level's three megabattles or in a mob battle in the first snowfield, but you could also exploit it in routine play. You can also use it as a way of positioning a sniper, because he'll stay in the passenger seat.