Back defence

Associated movies

  • BCM236 - Heroic; Back defence x2 (7:32)

Defending right at the back of the battlefield will give you maximum time for taking down enemies with a sniper rifle if that's what you fancy, but there are plenty of other tactics you can use there as well.

Platform swarm ahoy!

Cyborg throne

One especially nice place to stand is up on the wide sill behind the two rocks. It's easy to hop up and you'll have a nicely elevated view. You'll notice that the enemies don't all charge at once. You'll see many just standing around in the distance, making very inviting targets for a rocket launcher. It's a heck of a lot of fun to send a rocket over then switch to a sniper rifle to watch the ensuing blast (but it can help to have a strong squad of Marines with you, to deal with any closer enemies while you have your fun). You could even have a spare launcher already up on the throne, enabling you to keep the explosive fun going longer.

I also like timing rockets to intercept enemies as they move along the inner platforms on either side of the trough. If you want to get lots of enemies coming along an inner platform, you can encourage that by herding them suitably before moving into your firing position. In particular, it's easy to get lots coming along the left platform by initially standing somewhere in the correct area for creating a platform ambush situation. You can be quite far back and still be drawing them onto the platform. Once you see plenty on the way, you can run to your firing position on the throne or whatever.

Good teamwork men

Closer fighting

Things don't have to be about sniping and long-range rocketing of course. You can have plenty of fun letting the covies approach to tackle them closer up. For this you'll probably want some Marine support; or at any rate it would add to the atmosphere. The cyborg throne remains a nice spot to use if you want to, especially for pistol fire or rockets, and most of the enemy attention will go on the Marines so you won't be hindered much. Luxury!

There are two rocks on raised ground, which can form the basis for a Marine pen if you want some bozos already there; see Rocks at the back for construction details. But even if you've got a squad there, you may prefer to release them when you arrive, to give them more room to move about (though on the minus side, free-roaming Marines can make it harder to pick off enemies without causing collateral damage). With Marines in the pen, you get quite a lot of friendly fire and they also shoot the larger rock quite a bit. I think there are five possible designs for that rock. For lines of fire from within the pen, it's best if you've got the lowest version as seen in the picture here.