Right side defence

Associated movies

  • BCM328 - Normal; Right side defence solo x3 (7:10)

The right side of the battlefield offers some similar defence possibilities to the left, but this side is in shadow so you can't pick out enemies as easily, and also there's not as much cover. You're still going to get a lot of great battling though. I'd recommend turning on your flashlight.

That snow's looking a bit red

Rock arc

My favourite defence spot on this side is at the small rock arc around a tree at the back. There you'll have lots of time to snipe or rocket the charging enemies, or whatever, and the rocks can provide cover when the pressure builds. Actually I quite like to stand on a rock when things aren't too hot. You can potentially be joined by some released Marines (e.g. maybe they were in a pen at the back), or you could have Marines cooped up in a pen based on the rocks (though you may prefer to release them on arrival, to allow freer movement). One thing you'll notice here is that some covies will head to your left. You'll want to take them down else you can end up getting surrounded, which wouldn't bode well.

Blockade possibilities

There's scope for stretching a blockade between the pipe block and the cliff, giving some excellent battling. See Right side blockades for construction advice.

Perched support

Just as with a left side defence, one place you could defend from is on top of one of the metal pipes that go over the trough, or perhaps on top of the pipe block from which they emerge (potentially using the gaps between the pipes for cover). Explore the possibilities.