BCM328 - Twin bridges megabattle

(7:10) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Normal. Continuing with the 50-covie save used in BCM327, I now fight on the other side of the field, using the same weapon combos as before. This is right side defence, shown for the first time. It's darker here and there's less cover, but it's still a heap of fun!

Released December 31st 2018, gameplay recorded December 29th-31st 2018.


00:02 (Play 1 - sniper rifle & launcher) In the previous movie I triggered the covies into advancing up the battlefield as I approached, but this time I fly somewhat to the left, so they're not triggered early. After landing, I get busy with the sniping. Each of the first two Elites take two shots though, so I certainly could've done better.

01:06 After taking down Elite number six, the leading two Grunts panic and I whack them with my launcher (it has a nice weighty feel). Three Grunts further back start panicking too. I fire a rocket but it's a poor shot and only blasts one. A second rocket gets the other two. Bit of a waste of rockets - I could've got the whole lot with a quick frag - but I was keen to start rocketing.

01:22 A Grunt and two Jackals are nicely taken care of but then I face a nasty wave of Elites. My first rocket shakes up the leading red, and the second kills a blue. After that I do some quick sniping, and manage to retain full health.

01:43 Reloading the launcher, I hop onto a low rock and snipe the final Elite, which causes mass panic. A long-range rocket takes out a Grunt and three Jackals, then after a quick sniper shot I throw a barrage of carefully aimed frags, decimating the remaining covies. Sniping kills a few more.

02:10 With plenty of rockets left, I use one up on the final Jackal, then have fun tagging and launching the final two Grunts.

02:25 (Play 2 - needler & plasma rifle) Now for a more challenging fight. It's off to a pleasing start when I needle a blue Elite and get a red splattered by a tumbling Banshee. More carnage follows, and a plasma throw ends up killing Elite number three while I'm tackling a lone Elite out front. I fail to effectively needle him but I soon take him down with plasma fire, and get an ammo top-up from his needler.

03:05 Hectic carnage follows and I do a pretty good job of holding my ground. There's a nice Elite tag around 3:51, but things have got rather hot and my shield is bleeping so I back off to cover, firing a stream of needles as I go.

04:04 The needles failed to kill the Elite, but after recharging I step out and surprise him with a close-range tag. Minor covies panic, but more Elites soon arrive and things get hectic again. It's initially looking a bit worrisome, but I tag one of the Elites on the head and then tag a Jackal too. Needles explosively take out another Elite, and the last one is finished with a satisfying whack.

04:33 Armed with a fresh plasma rifle, the remaining few minor covies are easily mopped up, including a panicking Grunt who gets put out of his misery with a firm whack to the head.

04:57 (Play 3 - pistol & launcher) Sinking down to dismount, I fire a fuel rod shot, though I don't think it killed anyone. I score two nice Elite kills with my first two rockets, and the carnage continues with a Grunt tag and more. I think my fourth rocket was wasted though. I couldn't see anything much when I fired (there was dust), but I thought some covies might've been advancing into that area.

05:26 Rocket number five take out two charging Elites rather nicely, and after a bit of mediocre pistol work I fire rocket six at a blue Elite with a needler. It hits too far back to kill him, but shunts him right up to me, where I instinctively bash him on the head, and then a nearby Grunt accidentally finishes him off, heh heh. You can hear one of his grunty colleagues protesting about that.

05:41 After a few grenades another Elite approaches but I rocket him with no trouble. A red Elite arrives soon after, but this time my rocket isn't fatal. I realise he's about to rage, and quickly charge him as I reload the launcher, to smack him dead. My shield starts bleeping though, and I fire a quick rocket at a Jackal. I was hoping also for other casualties but only the Jackal dies. That's not much return for a whole rocket, but it was satisfying all the same. I soon mop up the nearby covies and recover, with only one health bar lost.

06:13 Three more Elites approach, along with a Grunt, but I get one with a frag and pistol fire, then rocket the other two and and the Grunt. That was my last rocket but it was a goodie.

06:25 As I advance and take out some Grunts and Jackals, I see that there's one more Elite. I land a few pistol shots on him but then go for a close tag as I pass. That works nicely and panics most of the covies for a while, four of which I wipe out out in a cross-field sweep. There's just a bit more mopping up after that, ending with a Grunt tag for fun.

Closing remarks After releasing the last movie I realised that I still hadn't given the right side defence any movie coverage. I think I did some gameplay for it at least once, but somehow I never went ahead with a movie. So now I've fixed that. Actually I had a lot of fun and fancy doing some more plays, perhaps with other weapon combos or tactics. Left side defence too. So maybe I'll return to the twin bridges megabattling soon.

The last play was a late replacement for the one I originally had. The original had a bit of an anticlimactic ending and I thought it was worth doing some last-minute playing to see if I could get a good play with a better ending. I did, and it was more eventful too.