BCM183 - Cavern megabattle

(6:21) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Normal. In this follow-up to BCM182 I'm again enjoying some long-range mischief in the cavern megabattle, but instead of a full play this is a montage of highlights from the many plays I did in pursuit of that movie. As such, it's jam-packed with tags, frags, rockets, falling covies and flying covies!

Released May 22nd 2016, gameplay recorded November 12th - December 17th 2015.


00:02 (Grunt tag) This clip seemed ideal for opening the movie, doing a nice job of setting the scene, including a view of the Marines. My plasma grenade lands a little short of the Grunt on the bridge, but comically bounces up into his face. The blast kills a red Elite too.

00:23 (Double Elite splatter) A carefully aimed rocket flips the overturned Ghost forward to splatter a pair of dopey Elites. Nice!

00:36 (Grunt tag-launch) Another Grunt tag attempt. I was probably going for the head but it gets him on a foot, causing him to be launched, and for fun I snipe him in mid-air.

00:51 (Clumsy Ghost pilot) Ghost pilots are terrible at negotiating the cavern, and frequently end up falling into the chasm. In this example the Ghost goes over the bridge rim. Unusually, the pilot pops out onto the rim and briefly gets a bit of support; but then he falls and makes an easy target for my sniper rifle.

01:03 (Elite blasted) Grunts don't often dive to escape this sort of long tag, but this guy is apparently sharper than most. A silly blue Elite steps up to fill the vacated spot, and gets blasted off.

01:18 (Stuck Ghost) A Ghost pilot spots the Marines and heads their way, but doesn't make it to the end of the bridge. The Ghost hits a stanchion and gets stuck, hanging partly over the rim, and when I try to tag it, I get the pilot. He goes flying and I try to snipe him, but that looks like a miss.

01:43 (Ghost somersault) I'm pretty sure I was trying to blast this Ghost straight up, with a rocket underneath. However, my rocket hits the ground some way behind. Turns out to be good for fun though. The Ghost somersaults forward over the edge and I snipe the pilot out.

01:56 (Shade tag and Herbie tag) The Shade on the far side has got righted and manned, and is firing on the Marines, but I get it with a tag. Then when I hear the Marines firing, I turn to check things out. A Grunt is near the end of the bridge. That's Herbie, heading out of the cavern. I go for a difficult tag, and fortunately he hops into just the right place. I forget whether I tagged him in any other play. I remember going for it at least a few times, but because of the difficulty, I usually didn't risk it.

02:22 (Jackal splatter) Spotting a wrecked Ghost near a Jackal, I rocket it to get him splattered.

02:33 (Foursome frag) I bounce a frag off a bridge stanchion to get a cluster of three Grunts, and a Jackal turns up at just the right moment to add to the death toll.

02:42 (Ghost rocketed) A newly manned Ghost makes it to the start of the bridge but then pauses, as they often do. There seems to be a nice cluster of covies forming there; a very inviting target for my rocket launcher! By the time my rocket arrives there's only the Ghost and a standing Elite there, but the blast is still rather satisfying.

02:58 (Grunt frag and 4 Elites rocketed) My frag is aimed to hit the front of the Grunt and settle in front of him, but it amusingly bounces off his head instead. He's killed by the blast, and then I take the opportunity to rocket a nearby cluster of four Elites (one of whom wanders away during the rocket flight, but returns in time).

03:20 (Elite tag) A red and blue Elite are standing close together on the bridge. I aim a plasma grenade for the red and comically get him on the snout.

03:34 (Double Elite splatter and Jackal fall) A blue Elite dives clear of my incoming plasma grenade but there's an excellent consolation prize. The blast kills a Jackal and sends the Shade spinning into two other Elites, and also makes a Jackal dive into the chasm. I snipe him as he falls.

03:48 (Shade on block) When I rocket the Shade it ends up on the nearby block at an angle. A Grunt hops up to man it, and when I rocket the side of the block, he's launched up and I snipe him. Freakily the Shade settles in almost the same configuration. Another Grunt hops into the seat, and I do the same to him!

04:46 (Ghost attack) A Ghost manages to make it across the bridge to attack the Marines. I ready my rocket launcher and wait for the right moment to fire.

05:03 (Grunt tag) I tag a Grunt perfectly on the head, and he obligingly runs over to an Elite, who's killed in the blast. There was a similar incident in BCM182 around 3:16, except in that case the grenade stuck to the victim's backpack.

05:15 (Grunt tag-launch) I aim a plasma grenade to tag a red Elite on the bridge, but by the time it arrives there's a Grunt there instead. He gets tagged on a leg just as he's backing off, and I snipe him when he's launched.

05:29 (Triple Hunter snipe) Three shots, three Hunters killed.

05:44 (Grunt frag) My frag freakily settles on a Grunt's backpack, just behind his head - and kills him of course. This only ever happened the one time.

05:52 (Ghost rocketed) A Ghost gets manned and joins the group near the middle of the bridge, and I rocket the lot. Six killed. I selected this clip as the one on which to end because it had a few Marine victory lines.

Closing remarks If you enjoyed this movie, you may be glad to hear that I also put together a second montage at the same time, because I had so much good footage. I'll release it at some later date, but I think we've had enough long-range mischief for now.