BCM189 - Freakiness and fun

(5:32) Various levels and difficulties. After quite a gap since the last 'freakiness and fun' compilation to build up more material, I bring you compilation 14 showing 18 freaky or amusing incidents, most of which occurred while recording footage for my usual movies.

Released June 27th 2016, gameplay recorded 2014-2016.


00:02 (Early exit) This deep incursion in a cavern megabattle was going quite nicely until I stepped out of the hog. The rear end is barely moving when I touch it, but I'm bumped away, off into the chasm. Pretty slick work eh? Sorry guys, you're on your own now! November 2015 footage. Level 5, Normal.

00:24 (Spooky plasma) After I get a couple of externals down from the ceiling, including a fuel rod joker, something funny goes on with my plasma grenade. It appears to hit the Jackal's shield but is then seen stationary in mid-air, while separately there's a fizzing graphic on his shield. A few seconds later the stationary grenade goes off, blasting the Jackal forward. I may've seen something similar to this a day earlier with a frag grenade - again involving a Jackal. July 2015 footage from when I was recording for BCM151. Level 3, Normal.

00:36 (Sting in the tail) This destroyed Banshee looks harmless enough, gently twitching away in a deck hole. But when I pass over it, I'm killed by contact with the tail. Unfair! March 2016 footage from when I was recording for BCM172. Level 5, Heroic.

00:57 (Artreeficial intelligence) Back in BCM147 I showed a Jackal running into a tree (twice), but now here's a Marine having a similar problem. April 2015 footage from when I was attempting a zero-hit run. Level 5, Legendary.

01:12 (Banshee on Banshee) After a Banshee flees from the tunnel, smoking away, it turns for another attack, only to be blasted out of the sky by the other Banshee. I think this is the only time I've seen a Banshee destroy another with a fuel rod shot. Also amusing is that after it happens, a Marine says "Hey nice shot!". August 2015 footage from when I was recording for BCM157. Level 2, Legendary.

01:28 (Sunken Shade) At some point this Shade evidently got blasted. It ended up partly embedded in the bridge, but that hasn't stopped this plucky Grunt from manning it. He makes quite an amusing sight trying to track and shoot me (I've edited out a bit for brevity). Eventually I blast him with a plasma. I was subsequently able to board it myself, to check out what it had been like for the Grunt. November 2015 footage from around the time I was making BCM166. I'd been doing some play on another pipe while the movie was processing. Level 5, Normal.

02:03 (Spooky plasma 2) I try a stun and tag here, but my plasma ball misses. I throw a plasma anyway and it looks like it hits his plasma rifle. The grenade is left stationary in mid-air and there's a fizzing graphic near the plasma rifle. After I dodge his swipe, the grenade detonates and amusingly blasts him off the bridge. It's all very reminiscent of the earlier clip with the Jackal of course. March 2016 footage from when I was recording for BCM172. Level 5, Heroic.

02:18 (Spin cycle) While circling this trio of Wraiths, a blast lands close enough to topple me out. Then at least one blast lands close - maybe two - and things go haywire. It looks like I'm spinning or twitching around, but if you go through the footage frame by frame, a clearer picture emerges. It seems to be just the camera which is moving freakily. It orbits me fast four times - each orbit taking 7 frames or fewer - before getting further from me and slowing down. Don't ask me why. There was something else here too. In the 8th frame after I'm dead, there's a long grey object visible, which mystified me for a while. But I think it's actually just part of the Ghost, lying between myself and the camera. August 2015 footage from when I was recording for BCM153. Level 5, Legendary.

02:29 (Panic on the edge) Oldest clip in the movie. After some fun getting rid of a Hunter, who amusing smacks a Grunt body into the void (the Grunt I tagged at the start), we come to the main topic of this clip: a Grunt panicking on the edge of the ramp. Panicking because I put a few needles into him, just before the clip started. He seems to be having trouble breaking free of the edge, and his animation is strangely odd and jerky. Eventually he seems to be on the verge of freedom, but I give him a whack to help. That does the job, and I finish him with a tag. June 2014 footage from when I was recording for BCM106. Level 4, Legendary.

03:08 (Twitching pilot) From the oldest clip in the movie, we move to the most recent. Soon after I ram this pilot out, he starts twitching, and continues until killed by falling. I got a few other clips of this guy twitching, but this one was clearest. May 2016 footage from when I was recording for BCM184. Level 5, Heroic.

03:18 (Mutual kill) After being blasted out of the hog on my way to the squad in the tunnel, I make a stand - and so does the sniper, but he's useless of course. The first Banshee is tagged and I hit the second with a plasma ball and AR fire. It's in a bad way and for fun I try to finish it off with a chaser ball, but I'm too slow firing it, and it doesn't catch up in time. The Banshee veers around and heads back for another run. I fire a new plasma ball and I can see it's going to do the job, but I get a shock when I'm killed by plasma fire. I underestimated my resilience. This makes a good lesson in just how precarious your existence is, when you're down to one bar. Your shield is quite feeble; and once it's down, it doesn't take much at all to kill you. August 2015 footage from when I was recording for BCM157. Level 2, Legendary.

03:39 (Target checked) "Check your targets Marines", he said. Well, I checked, and that was definitely a Ghost heading our way. How'd I do Sarge? …Sarge? May 2016 footage from when I was recording for BCM181. Level 5, Normal.

03:57 (Perimeter search) This Grunt seems to making a good inspection of his surroundings. Yep, personal Grunty perimeter secure! If only he knew there was a cyborg just a few feet away. May 2016 footage from when I was recording for BCM179. Level 3, Normal.

04:06 (Hero arrives) This was meant to be a stylish arrival, but it doesn't quite go according to plan. March 2015 footage from when I was recording for BCM136. Level 5, Heroic.

04:24 (Bumped away) After I dismount in mid-air, hoping to flip the dropship and get the turret detached, I get bumped away a long distance - and then fall to my death of course (you don't see much of the death because the game quickly reverted). I showed an even freakier event in BCM140 around 2:26. January 2015 footage from when I was recording for BCM124. Level 5, Heroic.

04:38 (Hole?) A Banshee heads in for an attack and I get it with a good long tag, but it keeps on coming and starts to angle down to do some splattering. But then the grenade goes off, which isn't ideal for the squad. One guy doesn't quite finish his frag throw cry. September 2015 footage from when I was recording for BCM157. Level 2, Legendary.

04:47 (Wall runner) This freaky Shade Elite has some impressive wall running ability. That slope is something like 60 degrees, and he even goes up backwards! After he gets to the top he tags my Banshee and I go after him to give him some of the blast. He's killed, and his body subsequently vanishes because the game is so overloaded. Actually, even when the game is overloaded, you won't normally see a body vanish - except when you're in a vehicle. In deciding whether it's ok to remove a body, I suspect the game is only taking into account MC's field of view; which when you're in a vehicle, isn't the same as the camera's field of view. December 2015 footage from when I was recording for BCM167. Level 10, Easy.

05:08 (A bang too far) This bunch of critters can't see me to start with, but when I cause a very amusing simultaneous reaction of shock with an AR round, a plasma ball sails in from behind and takes down my shield. I become visible and more covies target me. It's time to retaliate, and fast! I throw a plasma, and a chain reaction follows; but it goes one bang too far and gets me too. Whoops! June 2015 footage from when I was recording for BCM145. Level 3, Normal.

Closing remarks In the closing remarks for my previous 'freakiness and fun' movie BCM164, I mentioned that my reserves of footage were relatively low and it might be quite a while before the next one. And so it's turned out, with a wait of over seven months. Actually I wasn't really keeping track of the situation, and probably could've done a movie a few months ago. But just lately it crossed my mind to see if I could put something together, and here's the result.