BCM205 - Bridge Banshee grab

(4:22) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Heroic and Legendary. This companion movie to BCM199 shows another ten amusing episodes which occured in the course of investigating and trying out ways of grabbing the bridge Banshee. As before, the play is on Heroic except for two clips on Legendary (the ones using my arch method breakthrough detailed in BCM191).

Released November 13th 2016, gameplay recorded March 24th - July 14th 2016.


00:02 (Wing in a wall) My positioning causes the Banshee to make a low sharp turn around the arch beam, and its right wing gets pretty much embedded in the wall for a while. Eventually the Banshee gets free after a brief bit of wiggling, but it leaves with a plasma grenade attached. From March 25th.

00:41 (Pilot mid-air roll) The pilot gets ejected and appears to do a somersault before hitting the ground. Really he's doing a mid-air dive to try and evade his own Banshee. It looks acrobatic, and I give him a plasma grenade as a reward. From July 11th while working on BCM191 (Legendary).

00:56 (Whassup?) Here I'm just waiting around, hoping for the Banshee to get into trouble at the arch. However, it gets into an unusual little spot of bother along the bridge instead. From March 24th.

01:14 (Banshee in the rim) In my technique here, you'll notice that I don't bother to do a crouch or suchlike; I just stand at the wall. It's a complete failure; no good for getting the Banshee into trouble at the arch. Instead it gets briefly caught up in the rim, and I tag it as it starts to leave. From March 28th.

01:36 (Another accidental Shade boarding) Using my arch method breakthrough, I get the pilot ejected and attempt to board the Banshee as it comes down, but I end up in the left Shade instead. Doh! Freakily the pilot has ended up on top of the door frame, but my Shade fire pushes him off and over the edge of the bridge. Nice! Then I start firing on a newly arrived grunty gunner and it looks like I'm going to be ok, but surprisingly I get killed when his volley wipes my last five health bars in one go. The Grunt dies too though; a novel 'mutual kill'. From July 14th while working on BCM191 (Legendary).

02:01 (Banshee passing through) After a low sharp turn around the arch beam, the Banshee bumbles around a bit before flying off. I take evasive action and give it a few whacks and a bit of plasma fire. From March 27th.

02:16 (Cyborg boost) The Banshee curves down and gets its left wing stuck in the wall. After I clamber up onto the nose, it starts angling up and rising, and I get a bit of a boost as it escapes! Would've been fun if I'd gone further up, but it was still quite memorable. From March 25th.

02:43 (Held up on the left) After a bit flying and crashing around, the Banshee gets held up by the wall and the left Shade, like at the start of the earlier movie BCM191. This time I tag it though. From April 2nd.

03:24 (Banshee in the passage) The Banshee makes a low turn around the arch beam and I back off into the passage, but it ends up coming in! For a moment it seems like it's turning to fly back out, but then it turns back and comes further, which is when I turn and try to run for it. But it gets me, and the pilot has a good laugh. The door closes behind it, so actually it ends up trapped. I wish I'd managed to get clear though, because then I would've been able to see it trapped, and it would've been interesting to see how it would behave. Perhaps I'll try to get the Banshee trapped like that sometime. From March 25th.

03:42 (Another wiggler) In contrast to all the other episodes, including in the earlier movie, here I'm trying to get the Banshee stuck in the bridge rim, rather than getting it into trouble at the arch. I'm using a backing-off technique I hit on. But it fails, and as the Banshee swoops in I take cover in the passage and tag it, though it survives. It does some wiggling for about 17 seconds, during which I deal with a few Grunts, then I do another tag as it flies off. From April 9th.

Closing remarks I put this movie together at the same time as assembling BCM199, so it's basically just been waiting to roll out, after final touches and production. This finishes up my short 'amusing episode' footage, but I have some longer clips to use up later involving the Banshee getting stuck in novel ways, so watch out!