BCM207 - Cavern megabattle, deep incursion over the hump x3

(6:28) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Normal. After the long-range mischief of BCM206, here's something more hectic. Namely, three plays of a cavern megabattle save featuring 12 Marines and 38 covies, using my deep incursion battle plan. With a different vehicle each time, I repeatedly whizz past the enemy and over the hump, to attack from there - primarily with a rocket launcher and grenades. In two of the plays I release the Marines and need to work fast to help any make it across. The other play is solo.

Released November 28th 2016, gameplay recorded November 27th 2016.


00:02 (Play 1 - Warthog) First up, a speedy trip in the hog, and there are a couple of casualties on the way. That's a shame eh?

00:31 With the hog positioned well enough to give Johnson a line of sight with his chain-gun, I get the passenger dismounted then get busy rocketing and grenading. It's pretty hectic so I won't give a blow-by-blow account, but during the carnage the Marine runs out to board a righted Ghost.

01:07 Things are now clear enough that I can advance over the hump, and I try to do some quick sniping to help the Marines on the bridge. Their presence has drawn some of the covies' attention of course.

01:25 Ok, back to the rocket launcher now. I quickly blast a Grunt, which was a bit of a waste though quite amusing, then my final rocket sends a Jackal flying overhead. That just leaves a few Grunts in the dark area along the platform, and I get them with the sniper rifle. Looks like only three Marines have survived.

01:51 (Play 2 - Banshee, solo play) Now for a solo battle, flying in with a Banshee. I do a bit of firing on the way but nobody's killed. However, an Elite goes into rage mode, so as soon as I'm out of the Banshee I get ready with my pistol and finish him as he comes over the hump.

02:20 Switching to the launcher, I blast a Ghost as it comes over, and then I start working on the covies beyond, starting with a very nice rocket which takes out three Elites. My next rocket hits a blue Elite, then I get one with a tag. Heavy carnage continues, interspersed with a few periods of backing off and pistol fire.

03:34 This rocket was meant for a Hunter, but a red Elite moves into its path and gets it in the face, hee hee! I get the Hunter with my next rocket instead, and then my final rocket takes out the last Hunter.

03:49 With rockets all used up, I move out and finsh things off with grenades and pistol fire. Couple of fun frags there, and I also tag a Grunt by lucky chance.

04:31 (Play 3 - Ghost) Finally it's time for a Ghost ride. Along the way, a red Elite dives off the bridge.

04:55 I begin the explosive carnage with a few plasmas, hoping to overturn both of the Ghosts so Elites will board them. It works, and the first soon comes cruising over the hump to get blasted.

05:13 Back up the hump for more offensive action. After some pretty nice blasting, the other Ghost gets boarded and I rocket it, simultaneously taking out a Hunter.

05:31 It's clear enough to advance now. I spot a Hunter but hold my rocket for a while because a Marine is close - then I let him have it. Doesn't quite kill him, but a bit of plasma fire puts him down as I back off to evade some needles. There's more plasma work afterwards as the mop-up continues.

05:58 After rocketing a couple of Grunts in the darkness, I thought that was going to be the end, but it turns out there's still a Jackal left. I make a quick throw as soon as I spot him, and he's tagged. Looks like only three Marines survived again.

Closing remarks After recording for BCM206 which was mostly sedate play, I was itching for some heavy duty action, and settled on making deep incursions across the hump. I'd included one such play in BCM142, and had been wanting to do more of that ever since. Using three different vehicles made for a bit of variation.