BCM240 - Cavern megabattle

(6:20) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Normal. A year ago I released BCM182, a cavern megabattle based on long-range mischief. But I also had enough spare footage to make two montages of amusing incidents. One was released as BCM183, and now here's the other at last.

Released May 26th 2017, gameplay recorded November 19th - December 15th 2015.


00:02 (Grunt blasted) I try to tag a Grunt on the far platform but the grenade lands just behind him. Dopey fellow doesn't react, and gets blasted off the edge - and sniped for good measure.

00:21 (Stuck Ghost) A Ghost pilot manages to get his machine most of the way across the bridge, but then gets stuck on the near rim. Naturally, I give him a rocket.

00:35 (Elites rocketed) I spot a group of three Elites near a Ghost, and send them flying with a rocket. There are two Hunters close by. One runs off but the other presents his back to me, which is a bad idea.

00:52 (Clumsy Ghost pilot) A distant Grunt is doing some creeping but I whang him in the head with a sniper round, sending him comically backwards. Love that animation. a nearby Ghost pilot moves into an attack and promptly drives off the bridge. Doh! I could just let him fall, but instead I snipe him out of his seat for fun.

01:08 (Clumsy Hunter) During 2-frag barrage, a Hunter lumbers along the platform and clumsily goes off the edge. He lands on a pipe sticking out below, but can't quite stop himself sliding off. I snipe him as he falls, getting a nice patch of orange blood on the wall.

01:26 (Elite tag) A blue Elite gets amusingly tagged on the head, and starts running around. The blast kills his red Elite pal and four Grunts, making a total kill count of six. Nice!

01:38 (Elite on pipe) A blue Elite moves along the edge of the far platform and gets tracked by a crouching Jackal. When I snipe the Jackal, a plasma ball is released which amusingly blasts the Elite down onto a pipe - where I rocket him.

01:56 (Ghost flipped) There's a Ghost at the far end of the bridge, but the pilot is initially facing the wrong way. Guess he forgot where I am. I rocket the base of a bridge stanchion behind him, making the Ghost do a sort of sideways flip. Then as he rotates his machine towards where the blast was, I snipe him.

02:11 (Elite tag) When I tag a blue Elite on the far side, he runs off the edge and lands on the pipe, but is almost immediately blasted off by the grenade.

02:25 (Shade frag, Elites rocketed) A Grunt is peppering the Marines with Shade fire, so I lob a frag over. It bounces off the ground and onto the Shade where it immediately detonates, killing the gunner. Then for good measure I rocket an inviting group of three Elites, and snipe a fleeing Jackal.

02:51 (Grunt tag-launch, Grunts rocketed) My plasma grenade tags a Grunt on the bridge low down, launching him high, and I hit him with two sniper rounds as he flies though the air. He lands near some Grunts on the far platform and I manage to blast a few with a rocket.

03:21 (Hunter shunt) When I send a rocket over towards a Hunter, it hits behind and shunts him off the edge - and I snipe him as he falls.

03:32 (Elite splatter and more) I deliberately aim a rocket to blast a Ghost so it splatters the nearby Elite. But the amusement isn't over yet. The settling Ghost makes two Jackals and two Elites dive clear, causing one of the Elites to stumble off the edge. He seems to be trying to reach the pipe but he slides off the side, and I snipe him as he falls.

03:54 (Elite tag) A red Elite on the bridge gets amusingly tagged, and the blast also kills two Grunts.

04:09 (Ghost blasted into somersault) I fire a rocket towards the ground near a Ghost at the far end of the bridge, and the blast makes it somersault. When the pilot rotates the Ghost for a look at the blast location, I snipe him. Then while reloading I see another Elite heading for the Ghost, so I immediately fire a rocket, destroying the Ghost right after it's boarded.

04:31 (Hunter attack) A raging Hunter comes across the bridge and gets close to the Marines but is taken down.

04:44 (Elite dives onto ladder) When I throw two frags across the chasm, the second one makes a blue Elite dive off the edge. Very surprisingly though, he's stopped by a ladder leading up from a pipe. I subsequently rocket him, and his body joins another Elite body already there. Intrigued by how he managed to grip the ladder, I later tried to jump down onto the ladder myself. But there's no such grip for me.

05:17 (Shade rocketed) The Marines are under attack from a Shade again, but I rocket it and snipe the gunner's body as it flies through the air.

05:34 (Ghost blasted off bridge) When I rocket the ground behind a Ghost on the bridge, it somersaults and hits a stanchion, ejecting the pilot. He heads down into the chasm and I snipe him.

05:47 (Falling Jackal and Ghost) After an Elite boards a newly righted Ghost, he spooks a Jackal into diving off the edge, and I snipe the Jackal as he falls. By the time I raise my aim again, the Ghost is going off the edge too! Stoopid Elite. Time for another sniper round.

Closing remarks Phew, I finally got this second montage out. I deliberately held it back because at the time of BCM183, I figured one montage was enough.