BCM308 - Freakiness and fun, assorted clips

(5:33) Various levels and difficulties. Here's my 23rd 'freakiness and fun' compilation, showing 16 freaky or amusing incidents, most of which occurred while recording footage for my usual movies - so you may recognize some of the situations.

Released September 9th 2018, gameplay recorded 2014-2018.


00:02 (Fatal fixation) This lonesome Jackal seems rather fixated on something. Namely the Marines on the plateau, though I don't think he can even see them. I creep up and give him a nasty surprise, hee hee! July 2018 footage from when I was experimenting with stuff to do with valley Banshee spawning. Level 2, Easy.

00:28 (Nudge grudge) I nudge a precariously positioned Wraith into the chasm, and eventually it delivers a response - which turns out to be fairly bad news for me! February 2018 footage from when I was recording for BCM276. Level 5, Legendary.

00:45 (Third time's the charm) One of the valley Banshees breaks off from chasing the evac Pelican, and is soon trying to splatter me instead! I take evasive action and do some tagging. My first two grenades are snuffed out but the third one gets it. June 2018 footage from when I was recording for BCM293. Level 2, Heroic.

01:14 (Grunty rebel) Oldest clip in the movie. This is one I've been holding back since 2014, thinking that I might get around to doing a whole movie with this crazy-firing Grunt, having got him up the tower. Maybe I still will (I've kept the save), but here's the clip anyway. Looks like he's got a rebellious streak, the way he's needling that Elite body! I cut the clip as short as I have because on his next burst of fire, his needles were only hitting the snow, now the body had moved away. Of course, he was never actually targeting it. It just happened to be in his line of fire. I'd nudged him to where he was needling it. April 2014 footage from when I was recording for BCM104. Level 5, Heroic.

01:27 (Lateral launch) This Banshee tag doesn't work out terribly well. I'm on a sloping perch at the very edge of the hilltop and the tagged Banshee cruises right up to me. I'm splattered and the grenade goes off immediately afterwards, detonating my loose grenades. I go flying off into the survivor area, leaving blood streaks in the air. There's a Grunt down there who's probably quite enjoying the show! August 2018 footage from when I was recording for BCM305. Level 2, Easy.

01:42 (Johnson jackass) Here's another example of Johnson foolishly running into danger while I'm merging two crewmen, and getting amusingly killed. There was a longer clip at the start of my previous compilation, BCM299. June 2018 footage from just after releasing BCM290. Level 2, Heroic.

01:58 (Panic block) When I spawn some bridge covies and send the Grunts into panic, one of them gets blocked, courtesy of my Banshee. Poor fella doesn't even seem to realise he's running into a wall. I generously put him out of his grunty misery. May 2018 footage from when I was exploring set-up work for BCM287. Level 5, Easy.

02:20 (Fuel rod corkscrew) These Banshees had just done some jinking after spawning. I drive off the hill but the hog takes a fuel rod blast as it leaves, sending it into a double corkscrew, landing on the wheels. Impressive stunt! Maybe I should try some more of this for a movie sometime. August 2018 footage from when I was recording for BCM305. Level 2, Easy.

02:35 (Core blowing oddity) After whizzing through the earlier part of the level, things went strange. Engineering was deserted, and when I tried to blow the first core as seen here, there was a weird spray of orange which I didn't recognize at all. I was like "What the heck just happened?" After doing some testing yesterday, I now have an explanation for the spray. It seems that if you get a grenade or rocket sufficiently deep into the vent, it can cause such a spray, fractionally before the core explosion. Never noticed this before! Maybe I'll do a movie about it sometime. Sometimes the spray is orange, sometimes it's closer to red. In this clip there's no explosion, and in fact none of the cores would blow. Eventually I backtracked, and at some point got the 'Light Fuse, Run Away' heading. So I assume the game had somehow failed to trigger it before (probably due to my having whizzed through, though I haven't been able to duplicate it yet), and that's why things were weird in Engineering. When I then went up to the top level, Cortana delivered core-blowing success lines without me needing to do anything. Evidently the game considered them blown by my earlier actions! November 2015 footage from when checking something to do with tag-snatching. Level 10, Heroic.

02:54 (Passing plasma) After bringing down this circling Banshee, a loose plasma grenade comes shooting past me and vanishes into the waterfall. Amusing I thought. December 2016 footage from when I was recording for BCM209. Level 2, Normal.

03:14 (Deck slide) Here's a rocketing trick I left out of BCM292 as the movie was getting too long. My rocket shunts the stuck Banshee to where it can start sliding along the bottom of the lower deck, but it gets stopped at the end. With launcher reloaded, I place a rocket beyond it to send the pilot my way - and I blast him in mid-air, at just the right musical beat! June 2018 footage from when I was recording for BCM292. Level 5, Legendary.

03:55 (Rock hugger) When I separate two merged crewmen with a tag, the guy in blue ends up hugging a rock face, seeming to defy gravity. June 2018 footage from when I was recording for BCM290. Level 2, Easy.

04:24 (Banshee recoil) After getting the enemy pilot ejected via scraping the invisible wall, I detonate his dropped grenades to send his body flying - and my Banshee takes quite a shunt too! February 2016 footage from when I was recording for BCM171. Level 10, Easy.

04:39 (Plasma flip) Here's yet another clip involving a particular plasma-lobbing Grunt in a rockslide megabattle (I've still got one more left after this). The hog does a flip and I'm killed, and Stacker delivers an amusing line. Interesting to note that Stacker was completely unharmed! He still had full health, according to the HUD which was briefly visible after the bang. My death was delayed for just over a second, which leaves me wondering what finally killed me. February 2018 footage from when I was recording for BCM272. Level 2, Heroic.

04:52 (Golden spore) Hey, a golden spore! Well, kind of. I've been holding this clip back for ages as I thought I might revisit the area to investigate. But I can't be fussed to hold it back any longer. I suspect the unusual colouring relates to where he's been or where he spawned. Namely, near flames. October 2014 footage from when I was recording for BCM118. Level 9, Normal.

05:08 (Evac trouble) Having already gone down to the survivors and triggered an evac call, the two remaining guys are failing to emerge so I return to investigate. I soon determine the trouble: they're idiots! Let's see if this plasma grenade will clear things up… August 2018 footage from when I was experimenting in connection with BCM302. Level 2, Easy.

Closing remarks Usually my compilations are heavy on level 5, but this one is heavy on level 2, taking up nine of the sixteen clips. I'd accumulated quite a few clips relating to the valley Banshees, which is what spurred me into doing another compilation. I included three clips I've been holding back for a long time, thinking that I might do whole movies relating to the subjects in question. Namely, 'Grunty rebel' and 'Golden spore' from 2014, and 'Core blowing oddity' from 2015. But just in case I never do, at least you've got those clips now.