BCM330 - Playing 'Shark' at the first bridge, clip style

(7:26) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Heroic. Another way to play Shark at the first bridge is to clip the Banshee into the lower deck, so it's suspended - something I realized from the weirdly stuck enemy Banshee in BCM292. This opens up a whole heap of new fun and hilarity, and is really great for playing around with covies. Check out this comedy bonanza - and stay tuned for the next instalment!

Released January 31st 2019, gameplay recorded January 28th-31st 2019.


00:02 (Part of a play) Here's the first two minutes of a play in which I scored four hits, three of which are shown. Getting so many hits surprised me because hits aren't easy and I still hadn't had much practice scoring them while clipped in. Right off the bat, I was surprised when I hit the falling gold Elite. Then at the far end I got a Grunt, and then another! The fourth hit came from a chase, but I've omitted that as there are some better ones in the action montage coming up.

02:04 (Choppy the gold) One of the best things about being clipped in is seeing the gold Elite slaughter his buddies, which is something I only realised when starting to make the movie (not having explored clip style much before). I was soon drowning in a sea of hilarious footage, and I've picked out some of the best to make this sequence.

The clip at 2:39 has no kills but the Elite was going back and forward in impressive style and you can hear his sword zipping through the air really well. I thought that Grunt was going to catch it, but he got lucky - unlike Choppy who eventually swiped himself off the deck, much like seen in the final clip. Incidentally, that final clip was from the same play as the first Jackal clip. It happened about 23 seconds later.

03:14 (Covie lifting) Another new thing I realised is this business of getting directly under covies and lifting them up. The covies have amusing behaviour and are also prone to 'twitching' (though it's rare), as seen here with the initial Grunt and also the gold Elite.

04:03 (Glitchy shooting) The final lifting clip leads into some brief coverage of the glitchy targeting (an example of which was already seen around 0:30). Your shots don't always go where you're pointing. Can be nasty!

04:29 (Action montage) Here's a 17-clip montage to finish, and I'll comment on each of the clips. This first one begins a little theme, reflected in two other clips. When you arrive at the deck, a Grunt may well be throwing a plasma, which can lead to unfortunate mishaps. Here I splatter the Grunt and he drops his plasma, which subsequently detonates a spare he dropped, which shakes up Choppy.

Two other clips in the movie were from the same play as this. The 2:39 clip with Choppy swinging back and forth occurred about 40 seconds later, and the 5:09 clip where I blast the falling Jackal occurred not long after.

04:39 I'm not sure if my shot hits the Grunt or the cliff, but either way it's a satisfying kill.

04:51 Choppy is standing on my Banshee doing his thing, when I fire. I believe he dies from being splattered, not from the actual blast. How does that work? I think it's like this. The blast shakes the Banshee, and that movement causes the splattering.

05:02 I think what we have here is a 'dive death' (a general topic I may do a movie on sometime). The Grunt starts to dive and is almost immediately killed by impact with the deck, or so it seems.

05:09 Nice Jackal hit while clipped in. There was also a Grunt who almost ramped himself off the bridge, but he got saved by the rim.

05:20 Here's another of those plasma mishaps. Silly Grunt manage to tag himself on the foot (the grenade bounces back off a bridge stanchion), and Choppy catches the blast, hee hee!

05:30 A nice chase-hit, after the Grunt gets deflected up off the ramp. Thought I was going to be too late.

05:39 This time it's the gold Elite who gets the ramp treatment. He goes nice and high, enabling me to close in and blast him. As a bonus, I splatter a Jackal when leaving the bridge

05:49 Another dive death I believe, similar to the last. You might like to step through the footage, frame by frame. The view of the Grunt is nice and close.

05:56 Choppy gets splattered, which would normally cause nearby minors to panic. But here you can see these three guys look up for a few seconds. Why are they looking up? I can hear a Grunt up top, yelling "They got the Elite, run!", so my guess is, they're looking in his direction.

06:06 It's possible to end up clipped into the deck the wrong way such as here (which was actually intentional, in pursuit of an amusing illustrative example). The covies target me and I come out of it badly. Bonus amusement: Choppy dives off the deck when a plasma grenade comes sailing in.

06:27 Two falling Grunts, and I target the nearest. Good hit, a long way down!

06:34 Another plasma grenade mishap. It stays on the bridge and a Jackal gets caught. You can see him start to dive, way too late. The blast shatters the glass panels as well, adding to the comedy.

06:43 Ramp slide! And a nice mid-air splatter.

06:51 Poor old Choppy. Never got a chance to swing his sword. Caught on the hop, he gets splattered as I clip into the deck.

06:58 Another ramp slide, but quite an unusual one in terms of initiation. My Banshee is actually well past the Grunt, but nevertheless he's spooked into a dive - which becomes a ramp slide. I let the footage continue a few extra seconds at the end, for a few needles to amusingly bounce off the Banshee. Great sound effect.

07:10 For most of the movie's development I was struggling to get a fully satisfactory ending to the montage. Something with a bit of a kick. But this late footage solved that issue, providing some rather special comedy. A lifted Grunt goes twitchy, and Choppy comes along to sort him out. Good work fella! That was almost as funny as the end of BCM137 (at 5:18, if you care to check it out).

Closing remarks This clip technique led to so much fun and so much good footage that I couldn't do it all justice in one movie. I've already got one follow-up planned (expect that in just a few days), and don't be surprised if there's more after that.

I used two saves for the movie: the one seen created in BCM329, plus an earlier one which had more Grunts (there's some randomisation in regard to the minors in the final batch of covies). The latter provided all but six short clips.