BCM331 - Playing 'Shark' at the first bridge, gold versus red

(5:56) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Heroic. More Shark play at the first bridge. In the last movie you saw the gold Elite slaying a number of Grunts and Jackals, but now it's time to move him up to bigger prey!

Released February 4th 2019, gameplay recorded January 29th - February 1st 2019.


00:02 In these initial plays I'm getting Choppy to do all the damage. As you can see in this first play, it takes multiple sword hits to kill the red. After receiving a first hit the red goes on the defensive, trying to hide by a stanchion, but I lead the gold his way and the job is soon complete. When I angle the Banshee down to watch the falling body though, my Banshee gets exposed and Choppy destroys it. Whoops!

01:29 We're off to a quick start this time, with an early hit. A second hit comes pretty soon after, making the red mad. It looks like curtains for him, but then Choppy swipes himself off the bridge. Doh!

02:02 After warming up by icing a Grunt, Choppy gets down to business and delivers a good hit on the red. The next hit takes quite a while, but the final one soon follows and is excellent.

02:53 If you've been wondering why I'm skimming the Banshee backwards so much, that's to try and avoid spooking either of the Elites. It seemed to help. They're very jumpy, as shown in this example where they both dive off the bridge after I make only a small forwards movement.

03:06 This time, a nicely finished two-hit kill (the first hit ending some twitching the red had just started). I suspect that the reason the previous kills took three hits is because the red had time to recharge to some degree.

03:36 Another failure in which the Elites get spooked. I fire a fuel rod shot after the red, and it hits the ledge just after he does, detonating two loose plasma grenades.

03:59 Getting the first hit on the red can take some patience because he tries to keep clear of the Banshee. In this play he tries to get back past my Banshee as I back it towards him, but fortunately the gold swings and hurts him. The red goes to a nearby stanchion instead, and gets killed with the next hit.

04:35 (Rage method, three plays) Later on, I had the idea of getting the patrolling Elite raging, so that instead of me having to carefully close in on him, he'd close in on me! It worked well, and here are three examples. Getting him raging isn't as easy as these examples make it look though. Once you blast him, he'll try to hide from you, and then it can be very frustrating to get plasma hits. Ideally then, you want to follow up with plasma before he can get to cover at all, as shown in the first two plays. In the third play I lose him and have to reposition, but fortunately I manage to catch him with enough plasma fire to bring him to rage mode.

Closing remarks Definitely an enjoyable activity, and a nice challenge. Getting the red killed by Choppy was something I deliberately left out of the previous movie BCM330, realising that the topic was meaty enough for separate treatment. I used the same two saves.