BCM336 - Cavern wall anomaly, passage landing

(3:38) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Heroic. Third instalment on the cavern wall anomaly. Originally it looked like surviving a fall to the passage was impossible, but there was a later development as this short movie elucidates! Incidentally, I've also now posted an article on the anomaly.

Released February 27th 2019, gameplay recorded February 21st-26th 2019.


00:02 (Surprise landing) While doing some play on February 21st, two clips of which feature at the start, I was surprised to survive a fall to the passage, which I previously thought was a no-go. I subsequently went to the door and saw that there was the option to open it, but instead I opted to see if I could complete the level despite never having opened the door. Amusingly, yes I could. Everything triggered as normal.

01:39 (Some failures, including freezing) I later spent quite a bit of time trying for more landings, but mostly it was a case of dying ad nauseam. I did get some nice freezes along the way though, three of which are included in this sequence. In particular there's a freeze where I'm up near the ceiling. I've seen that sort of freeze multiple times, but it's rare. I didn't have a good clip of it for BCM334, otherwise I would've shown an example already. The freeze prior to that one is also quite unusual, insofar as I'm well away from the wall (there was a similar case in BCM334 around 3:41). Usually MC is more embedded.

The death in the 2:16 clip is of a type not previously shown in relation to the passage. I may've been killed by coming down steeply on the wall, in a similar sort of way as shown in BCM335 for a different wall.

02:33 (Landing and battle) I never achieved any significant control but I did get the occasional success. After this one I open the door to say hi to the gang but foolishly expose too much of myself, and I'm down to one health bar in under ten seconds! Eventually I've got a nasty red Elite growling in rage and I move forward to intercept him with a whack, but instead of running at me he unexpectedly side-steps, so I only swipe air. I tag him instead, but should've switched to my pistol. He gets me just before going boom.

Closing remarks That first passage landing came before releasing BCM334, but that movie was already nearly finalised and I didn't want to have to re-jig it to account for this new-found possibility of descent. So I left that movie pretty much as it was, and planned instead to cover the descent possibility as an update - which I now have.