BCM340 - Deep force-launching, seven topics

(5:55) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Heroic. After doing four movies on force-launching from the bottom of the entry chamber in 2017 (see BCM251-254), I still had footage left concerning some aspects I'd given little or no coverage. Well, now I'm using up the best of that footage and have also recorded a few new clips. Seven topics or activities are covered, starting with spiralling up the invisible walls above the ceiling.

Released March 20th 2019, gameplay recorded July 13th-30th 2017 and March 18th 2019.


00:02 (Spiralling up the invisible walls) Back in BCM252 there was one clip which showed some spiralling (around 3:00), but in this first section I give the topic a better showing, with increasing height. At the end of the final clip I fire an AR and you can hear the shell casings bouncing off the invisible walls (which is why I was firing it). As to how you get spiralling, it's just down to how you're hit. I don't recall having much control over that.

02:01 (Ceiling pinball) Bailing quite early, you can can end up bouncing around the ceiling as seen in these two clips. Both times, I hear the Banshee whizzing through the air, which is nice.

02:21 (Swirling death-cam) In these three clips I'm bailing later, then I get splattered by the Banshee in a way which makes the camera swirl around violently. They were obtained while recording for BCM254 (so, they're escape attempts gone wrong). I've had this kind of camera swirling in a few other places in the game too. For example see 'Spin cycle' around 2:18 in BCM189, one of my 'freakiness and fun' movies.

02:49 (Flip trips) If you bail then quickly flip the Banshee (you need to be at the right angle to get the prompt), you can get propelled away and potentially land somewhere, though it's very hard to control because the Banshee is rising so fast. In these four clips I achieve various landings, including twice on the LZ platform. Clips 1 and 3 were obtained while recording for BCM251. The other two are newly recorded.

03:32 (Escape tags) This activity relates to escaping out into the void as seen in BCM254, one of my most spectacular movies. It's possible to tag the Banshee just before you leave, but it closes in on you very fast and is hard to hit. You need a good aim and good timing. Here are three successes, obtained while recording for BCM254. With clip 2 I didn't bother including my death because the game only let it proceed for a fraction of a second. It was too truncated.

04:23 (Banshee inversion) With suitable control the Banshee can get into some weird angling and end up inverted, before or after hiting the ceiling. In clip 2 here, I was simply holding the direction joystick to the left. So, continually turning left. Notice how the Banshee starts wavering oddly as it rises; then the Banshee gets inverted after hitting. Clip 1 was similar but it looks like I delayed starting the turning; plus I didn't get ejected. In clip 3 I was continually turning right, and the Banshee actually gets inverted before it hits. Those three clips were obtained while recording for BCM251. The fourth clip is newly recorded and I'm doing something different: alternating turning left and right.

05:15 (Reboarding trick) You may recall BCM233 which concerned a mid-air reboarding trick done with shallow force-launching. When I later got into deep force-launching, I found that I could do an analogous trick as seen here. This time though, things are more violent and the reboarding occurs at the ceiling. You need to angle the Banshee appropriately so it arrives at the ceiling close to you. In the final clip I suicide with two tags, like I did at the end of that older movie. Needed good timing for that second tag!

Closing remarks Some of those topics were things I originally thought might be further explored to form whole movies, but in the end I've gone for just forming this grab-bag movie with the existing footage I had, augmented with just a few new clips. Good enough I think.