BCM410 - 40-covie glasshouse battle x3, rocket special

(6:32) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Legendary. For these final three plays of my 40-covie set-up, I'm focusing on rocket play, to let me really stick it to the horde.

Released February 20th 2020, gameplay recorded February 17th-19th 2020.


00:02 (Launcher & plasma pistol, inner area) As you may recall, the final play in BCM409 was a defence in the inner area using a plasma pistol and assault rifle. That was extremely tough work though, and after releasing the movie I wanted to try it again but with the aid of rockets. Hence this play. I also developed a novel plasma grenading tactic for the start, to get rid of a few red Elites fast, which is pretty much essential. The start goes very well in fact. An excellent blitz with the loss of only one health bar, setting me up nicely for working my way through the rest of the horde.

02:13 (Launcher & pistol, going left) I went around the left in the second play in BCM408, but this time I've got a rocket launcher. At the start as I head around, I attempt three tags. I'm not sure if the first one was on target, but it does kill the two native Elites, which was the main goal there. The second two are observable hits.

03:37 After topping up on rockets from my spare launcher, I approach the glasshouse from a side platform. There's a cute bit there where a Grunt says "Did we get it?" He's perched on the window frame.

04:17 (Launcher & needler, going right) For a third play I figured I'd blast my way around the right with the launcher. But I thought I'd also add some needling, and I came up with this opening tactic of taking the red Elite by surprise. As I approach, I use cover so that he doesn't react to my flashlight in time. If I hadn't done that, he would've started running clear before I got close.

04:37 Nearly got myself killed here, when rocketing a red Elite. There were some plasmas on the ground, and when I fired I realised those were likely going to get detonated. Fortunately I moved back in time.

06:13 When I finally enter the glasshouse I find a blue Elite perched above a side entrance. He must've got there due to the rocket fired around 5:57.

Closing remarks Definitely got some good mileage out of my 40-covie set-up, although it was certainly hard to cope with, even with rockets!