BCM420 - Special ops wall glitch fun

(8:15) Level 10 ('The Maw') on Easy. Using a tag-snatched Banshee I have fun exploiting the glitchy navigation ability of a fleeing special ops squad. They sometimes get held up on the walls of their own accord, but you can take things a lot further by purposefully diverting them. And what I've now realised is that you can get them stacked up too, as you'll see!

Released April 17th 2020, gameplay recorded March 26th and April 13th-16th 2020.


00:02 (Introduction) This opening clip is from March 26th. If I recall correctly, I was in the level checking for the possibility of getting a grunty grenade barrage for inclusion in BCM416; but I think I must've forgotten that this save was on Easy, not Legendary; so there was actually no chance of a barrage. However, I got this clip and recorded some additional wall related fun, and that's what prompted this movie. The rest of the footage is new though, from the last few days.

01:18 (Closer look) Here we get a close view of two Grunts going off course and into the wall. It seems a bit random. Sometimes it was two, sometimes it was only one.

01:57 (Diverting with the Banshee) Unlike the Grunts, the Elites don't seem prone to self-glitching in that area, but you can divert them into the wall fairly easily. Here I divert the Grunts too. It looked like I might be getting five covies in a row, but actually one of the Grunts overshoots the blocking area, so I end up with four.

03:04 (Four again) Here's another try at getting five in a row (this was actually a few minutes before the previous one), but this time it's an Elite that overshoots; so I've only got four again. I have a spot of fun clambering on top.

04:22 (Five at last) Here's when I finally got the whole squad in a row (not all that hard; it just took me a while the first time). Initially just one Elite got through, followed by three Grunts, but then I got the second Elite added as seen. Makes a nice formation with the Grunts in the middle.

05:00 (Stacking) Not long after that, I realised I could use the Banshee to get the covies stacked up. Here I nudge both of the Elites up on top of two Grunts, creating a nice 2x2 square - which I then rocket.

05:28 Here, I skim across quick to try and stop any of the Grunts overshooting, but I accidentally splatter one, causing disaster. There was quite a lot of this.

05:44 You can get some amusing results though, and I've strung together some of my best results for you. Here I end up with a stack of three followed by a Grunt. The other Elite overshot.

05:53 After nudging a Grunt up, I admire my group of five for a while before blasting it. The front Grunt on the bottom looked to be getting pushed though. That happened as the top Grunt slipped down into a slightly lower position.

06:18 Nice diagonal line of Grunts here, and the front Elite is running on air!

06:27 Both of the Elites appear to be somewhat jammed up, unable to execute their normal gallop.

06:38 A good group of five. One of the Grunts is stumbling though.

06:46 A tower of three Grunts! This was a formation I'd tried and failed to get earlier, and had given up on it. But in some late additional play, I unexpectedly got it. Originally I had a group of five here. At the front was a column of two Grunts, then behind was an Elite supporting his buddy and a Grunt, with the Grunt to the rear. When I nudged into the rear, the Elites got pushed out and the Grunt got lifted up onto his pals, leaving me with this cute formation.

06:58 Nice symmetric formation of five, supported by two Grunts. Good work down there boys!

07:08 Another 2x2 square, blasted.

07:20 A rather novel arrangement of four. A Grunt supporting two Elites, with a Grunt on top! Originally I'd had all five here. Three Grunts on the bottom, two Elites above and slightly ahead. When I nudged into the rear a few times, the rear Grunt ended up on top and the middle Grunt was pushed out. Also the back Elite developed a stumble as you can see. He lost half of his support.

07:29 Group of five with Grunts on top.

07:37 A nudge sends an Elite to the top of the front, giving me a nice formation of five, led by a column of three. I decide to try a bit more nudging, but it ends in disaster. The clip ends a bit more abruptly than I would've liked, but I didn't have much more to play with (I'd trimmed the raw footage too much for some reason). Also I wish I'd remembered to switch my flashlight on. Still a decent ending though.

Closing remarks Really I had enough material here to make a whole separate movie on stacking, in which I could've given more time to showing some construction work, as well as other ways of diverting the covies. But I decided to keep things in one longish movie and keep construction footage to a minimum.

Note: there was a bit of play with a few of these guys in BCM162 starting around 1:04, but in that situation I'd obtained the Banshee via overloading, and only two of the squad spawned, namely two Grunts.