BCM495 - Sleeping Grunts room battle x3

(6:37) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Legendary. Using the sleeping Grunts room battle set-up seen created in the final part of BCM494, I go into battle three times using various weaponry.

Released June 4th 2024, gameplay recorded May 30th - June 3rd 2024.


00:02 (Plasma combo) Plasma weapons formed my default combo in the set-up, so I figured I'd start with that. On this play the two Elites are both red. Pretty nasty!

After I blitz three Grunts around 0:49, the second red somewhat takes me by surprise, but that was my fault. I should've remembered that he could well have been stuck on the scenery in that position. I've seen it before. However, I was just too caught up with zapping the Grunts. Fortunately the Elite only gets time to wipe three of my health bars. And he's also nice enough to toss his plasma rifle my way as he dies. A handy donation!

Quite an amusing ending to this play. A tagged Grunt gets blown sky high, and as he settles on the ground, his plasma pistol comes down to join him.

02:05 (AR & launcher) The movie definitely needed some rocket launcher use of course, and here I couple it with an AR. Near the start I notice from my tracker that an Elite is heading my way, so I wait and encourage him by firing a shot from the AR. Then when he comes into view he gets a rocket. One other thing I'll highlight: a ceiling rocket at 3:25. Haven't shown one of those for this room before.

04:09 (Needler & plasma pistol) I also wanted to get in a bit of needler use, and here I couple it with a plasma pistol. An amusing incident occurs with the blue Elite around 5:00. After stunning him with a plasma ball, I needle him and the bang makes him growl in rage. But it also flips his direction, so he's actually waving his arms facing away from me. I finish him with a whack before he can turn around.

In the closing seconds I thought maybe I'd finished the Grunts, but then I hear one, and get ready to dish out a full stream of needles. To quite good effect, as it turns out!

Closing remarks Of course, the battling on Legendary is way tougher than I was getting on Heroic in previous movies. But enjoyably so. I had plenty of fun doing the battling for the movie, and recorded plenty of nice plays. Pity I could only fit three in. A sequel may be coming next.