BCM498 - Sleeping Grunts room battle, sniping spotlight

(6:57) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Legendary. I've already shown one sniping play for the sleeping Grunts room battle at the end of BCM496, but in this movie I want to really put the spotlight on the sniping potential of the room, especially in regard to (highly enjoyable) sneaky shots. So here are two more plays, plus an inserted montage of snippets.

Released June 14th 2024, gameplay recorded June 9th-10th 2024.


00:02 (Play 1 begins) Equipped with sniper rifle and rocket launcher, I make my way to the inner area to stealthily cross it.

00:13 (Sniping montage insert) The two sniping plays only added up to about six minutes of action, so I had the idea of including a sort of introductory montage of clips to add a bit more to the movie and to emphasise the 'sneaky shot' potential. As you can see, I've inserted it part way through the opening phase of play 1, where I was doing nothing more than transiting to the other end of the room's periphery. Seemed a nice idea. These clips were all produced specifically for the montage.

01:12 (Play 1 resumes) So, back to the actual play, and things kick off with a gratuitous Grunt bomb as I also happen to have a rocket launcher handy. In regard to the sniping I take my time for quite a while, and as a caption hints, it's fun sneaking around slowly, taking your time to pick off the covies. However, eventually my ammo is almost out and I speed things along to finish, ultimately having a spot of fun with the launcher.

04:29 (Play 2) This time I'm doing a more conventional play, i.e. in the standard direction, and at the start I use AR fire to help a hesitant Grunt into the tunnel so I can enjoy sniping him as he makes a run for it.

Around 4:57 I'm almost taken by surprise, absorbed with my work on the covies in the inner area. I suddenly hear an Elite approaching, but manage to evade his swipe and tag him. A pleasing move. Then after sniping his buddy, I start going around the room's periphery, using light-amplification along the way (not that it was needed, but I quite like it as an option).

Closing remarks Yep, that was definitely a movie worth making. When I started covering the battling in this room I hadn't really expected to be doing much sniping, but it's really very enjoyable.