Sneaky dropship Ghost elimination

Posted July 15th 2007

This bit of fun is really just a sneaky tactic I can't resist mentioning. Part way up the rising tunnel after the underground bridge, you trigger a dropship. Return to the bottom of the tunnel and stand at the top of the sloping edge at the back to get a raised view (or stand on the purple units). The two Ghosts may not immediately be visible, but wait a bit and they should come into view, hovering around near the top of the tunnel. You can pick off a pilot with a sniper rifle. Even more fun though is to send a rocket up when it looks like a Ghost is going to be motionless for long enough. Watch the explosion through a sniper scope, and note the realistic sound delay. Often the Ghosts are together and the blast gets both at once.

A later Ghost

Incidentally, there will be another manned Ghost you can rocket shortly after exiting the tunnel. It hovers at the far corner of the tower, and from distance you can sneak a rocket through or snipe the pilot (or blow the Ghost up with sustained long-range plasma pistol fire).