Who stole my Wraith?

Posted March 24th 2005

With a spot of rearranging you can move the Wraith that's waiting in the tower area. Push it with a Scorpion or Banshee. When you're playing through later, you may like to see how the pilot reacts when he comes running out from the pass (namely when you trigger tower enemies). Will he be able to find it? Assuming he does, you can potentially get some novel combat out of it, getting attacked in a different area or from a different direction than normal.

Bottom of the spiral path

Once I moved it through the pass and down to the bottom of the spiral path. When I entered that area later, it was still down there but now with its pilot, so I guess he'd found it ok. He looked unable to get it up the path though. He enjoyed plastering my foolish Marines all over the ice in pretty short order, but was rather less pleased when I introduced him to my rocket launcher.