Grunt inside a Scorpion

Posted March 24th 2005

Doing a spot of early rearranging, I moved the Scorpion to the place where the enemy would materialize nearby (face to face with the second group of Marines). As it turned out when I entered the scene later, most of the enemy appeared behind the tank, which conveniently blocked their fire for a while. But after seemingly killing everything, I noticed that the Warthog's chain-gunner was still firing at the Scorpion. And then I heard unmistakable grunty sounds. Yep, a Grunt must have materialized just where the tank was, and couldn't get out.

I moved around for a look and could just spot his little feet underneath. When I got in, he was able to use his needler on me, so I got out again! Anyway, I went off to the two-Wraith area to deal with the enemy there, and returned a few minutes later, and the chain-gunner was still at it. In the end I lobbed a plasma grenade under the tank, managing to tag the hapless Grunt who then got blown clear. I expect you could trap more than one enemy if you're lucky; give it a try!

Similar cases

There are other places where you could trap materializing enemies (whether by accident or design), and possibly with other vehicles. E.g. I saw a Grunt trapped in the bonnet of a Ghost once. Almost all you could see was his needler sticking out of the side.