Hunter leading

There's plenty of scope for leading Hunters around in this level. Here are a few ideas.

First Hunter

You can lead the first Hunter you meet (after the first bridge) all the way back to the level's start. Take him over to the ledge and make him fall off with his last clumsy swipe.

Leading them into the first snowy area

When you first emerge out into snowy ground, it's possible to have a Hunter following out behind you, lead all the way from a higher room. Actually you might even manage both Hunters, if you care to try. It may've been a bit uncomfortable in the lift, but congratulations, you made it. If you were having a really good day, you even killed the other enemies along the way at the same time as leading the Hunter; but if you want to make life easier for yourself, kill them first before going back up to get the Hunter.

Once out in the snow, maybe you can lead him on through the level? How far can you take your new pet? I think we'll call him Spike.

Hunters at the pass

Just past the level's fourth Wraith, you get to a pair of Hunters guarding a pass (which leads to the spiral path down to some Marines). Lead a Hunter back the way you came, all the way back down the tunnel and back to the underground bridge. Then finally dodge a swipe when at the edge of the drop, letting him stumble over to his death.

Lift shaft accident

Another challenge is to lead a Hunter towards a lift shaft which no longer has the lift there (because you've sent it down deliberately). Dodge his final swipe so he falls to his death. Not easy, because there's so little room to dodge.