Banshee fun in the final area

If you nab one of the Banshees on the final bridge, which is quite easy if you're cloaked with the active camouflage you passed a while back, it opens the door to a fair bit of fun (alternatively you could've done rearranging to move one of the Banshees to the door, ready to step right into). The main idea I'm thinking of here is landing somewhere up high and doing long-range mischief with a sniper rifle and rocket launcher.

Enemy behind the final door

This includes tackling the large group of enemy behind the final door, if you care to land to open it then quickly depart. One novel place I dropped myself down onto to tackle that group, was on top of the door that led to the bridge. From there you get a good view of most of the group, including Elites who are just standing idly around in a manner which says "Rocket me!". Another time I flew almost straight up after opening the door and found a precarious position on part of the huge tower structure, from where I could rain down a little grief. Get creative and see what you can come up with.

Sliced Banshee

One last thing: did you know that a plasma sword will slice up your Banshee nicely? That nasty gold Elite will be only too happy to demonstrate. Draw him out into the open and hover low down, and he often seems to try to jump up on top of it before taking his swipe. I imagine he slices up Ghosts too.