BCM211 - Banshee stuck in the first bridge

(5:30) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Heroic. Here are six episodes in which the enemy Banshee gets stuck in the first bridge and I have fun with it. Five occurred in connection with trying to grab the Banshee (back in early times, long before I made my arch method breakthrough), but there's also a case from five years earlier.

Released December 23rd 2016, gameplay recorded February 13th 2011 and March 25th-31st 2016.


00:02 (Episode 1) In this first episode the Banshee gets stuck through the bridge rim, head on. After it slides along to a stop I clamber about on it - and grenade a Shade Grunt. When I get off it, I decide to make the place safe. Fragging two Jackals is fun, and then I head down to the lower deck and do a stun and tag move on the Elite. I'm still seeing no movement from the Banshee though, so I tag it.

01:19 (Episode 2) In this clip I'm playing the waiting game, but after a crashing sound it's clear that something is amiss, so I go to investigate. Somehow the Banshee's got a wing through the upper deck. When I eventually jump on top of it though, I'm apparently killed by a twitch. That was a nasty shock!

02:01 (Episode 3) This clip is odd-out in the movie, being about five years older than the others, and being unrelated to the topic of Banshee grabbing. The Banshee attacks when I'm part way across the bridge, and gets stuck between decks. A couple of Grunts pester me and get killed; then I see that the Banshee is working itself free. But I tag it at the last moment and enjoy the bang on the other side of the bridge

02:43 (Episode 4) There's something amusing near the start of this episode. Namely, I grenade the left Shade and it splatters an unseen Grunt, heh heh. The Banshee gets stuck in the rim but I get distracted by covies, and almost get into trouble with a red Elite after missing with a plasma ball. By the time I look back to the Banshee it's flying off. When it comes back I miss a tag attempt, then it rams into the rim - maybe it was trying to splatter me - and flies off. Sorry; no satisfying bang to end this episode!

03:35 (Episode 5) Once again I'm playing the waiting game. You see me looking down, positioning myself fairly precisely. However, the Banshee gets into trouble and I find it with a wing through the lower deck. When I get behind it, it unexpectedly turns around and starts skimming along. Before I know it, I've got myself backed up with nowhere to go, and I get splattered. Arrgh!

04:08 (Episode 6) For the final episode we've got a wing in a wall, much like was seen in BCM205 around 2:16. I've seen this loads of times, and I get up on top of the Banshee. A Grunt soon arrives to man a Shade, but I blast it with a plasma, then I tag a Jackal and frag his buddy. Another Grunt shows up but just stands there dumbly and I tag him. That starts him running my way which isn't good, so I quickly shoot him. The Banshee hasn't moved, but as soon as I get down it starts lifting free. Luckily the Grunt dropped a plasma though - and naturally I use it. As the Pelican heads off, you can see the Elite pilot flying through the air.

Closing remarks So, finally I've got this stuck Banshee footage done with, clearing a bit more space on my hard drive. But wait, there's more! In view of how much material there was, I've also got a sequel planned for later release sometime.