Banshee stuck in the first bridge

Posted December 23rd 2016

Associated movies

  • BCM178 - Level 5, Heroic; Fun with an oddly stuck Banshee (5:56)
  • BCM184 - Level 5, Heroic; Airborne fun with an oddly stuck Banshee (7:38)
  • BCM202 - Level 5, Heroic; Oddly stuck Banshee, pilot cushioning (6:46)
  • BCM211 - Level 5, Heroic; Six episodes (5:30)
  • BCM214 - Level 5, Heroic; Four more episodes (5:48)
  • BCM292 - Level 5, Legendary; Banshee stuck under the first bridge (7:57)
I think I see the problem here

On Heroic and Legendary, there's an enemy Banshee flying around at the first bridge - the 'bridge Banshee' I call it. But the pilot is quite clumsy and can get his machine stuck in the bridge in all sorts of ways, including between decks. I've seen a lot of that in connection with trying to grab the Banshee (one grabbing method even relies on a getting it stuck in a certain way), but I've also seen it plenty of other times too.

In fact, one thing I was planning to explore (back in 2011, five years before the grabbing business came along) was the following plan for getting a stuck Banshee. If you hang around on the lower deck, your presence can tempt the Banshee into trouble and it can end up stuck. Some places will be better than others no doubt. I still haven't got around to exploring that properly, but there's definite promise there.

Maybe a little off course?

When you get a stuck Banshee, you can potentially have some fun with it - possibly after getting a handy delayed checkpoint nearby so you can play with it repeatedly (see here for info on checkpoint availability). You need to be a bit careful though; you can easily get killed if it wriggles around when you're close.

The best fun I've had was with a Banshee stuck in the rim, because in that particular case the pilot could be ejected quite easily and I could have fun with him (including when using a Banshee of my own). That Banshee has been the subject of multiple movies (starting with BCM178), and at the time of writing I'm still not finished yet!

It's relatively unusual for ejection to be viable, but in other situations you can at least have fun clambering around on the Banshee or destroying it, or whatever. Sometimes the Banshee may be able to work free, and you can enjoy tagging it as it starts to fly off.

The Banshee can even get stuck below the first deck, out of sight. That's very unusual though; in fact I only ever saw it once. See my movie about it - BCM292.