BCM214 - Banshee stuck in the first bridge

(5:48) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Heroic. As a companion to last month's BCM211, here are four more episodes in which the enemy Banshee gets stuck in the first bridge. Three occurred in connection with trying to grab the Banshee (back in early times, before my arch method breakthrough), but there's also a case from years earlier.

Released January 22nd 2017, gameplay recorded December 16th 2012 and March 24th - April 9th 2016.


00:02 (Episode 1) In this opener the Banshee gets stuck in the bridge rim quite like in the fourth example in BCM211, except at a steeper angle. It looks pretty immovable, but after I turn back from taking care of some covies - particularly an Elite on the lower deck - it gets free and the wing cuts me down, giving the pilot a good laugh.

00:49 (Episode 2) This time I'm playing the waiting game. The Banshee comes in for an attack and goes between decks but doesn't emerge. When I go down to investigate, I find it stuck with a wing in the lower deck. After a while it moves a bit, but that looks like all it can manage, so I just tag it.

01:40 (Episode 3) This clip is from 2012, long before the topic of Banshee grabbing came along. I find the Banshee very unusually stuck in the side of the bridge. After a brief bit of clambering I get distracted by covies for a while, especially a grunty foursome, and the Banshee starts to work free, making a Jackal dive. I tag it before it leaves though, and add a bit of plasma fire so the bang is enough to destroy it.

02:16 (Episode 4) To finish, an extra-long episode in which the Banshee is stuck firm with a wing through a wall. One amusement is when a needling Grunt falls through the hole in the deck. Another is when his Shade fire eventually destroys the Banshee - which I was trying to encourage of course. Note: To speed things along, I cut about 12 seconds during which I was trying to jump up onto the Banshee or wall and failed.

Closing remarks Ok, that finishes off my assorted footage of the Banshee being stuck in the bridge. Mind you, I still have a save in which the Banshee is freakishly stuck below the bridge, which I reckon I can have some fun with, so watch out for a movie on that sometime.