BCM270 - Yeti Flood, Shade guy

(6:31) Level 6 ('Guilty Spark 343') on Easy. In this tenth movie on yeti Flood I focus at last on Shade guy, showing how to get close and quite easily keep him alive. I think this completes my core work on yeti Flood, though I still need to write it all up on my site. There are more movies to be made about them but I'll leave those for later; need a change now!

Released January 30th 2018, gameplay recorded January 27th-29th 2018.


00:02 (Setting up) There are various ways you can set up for triggering Shade guy, but here's the plan I went with. The main reason I take the shortcut is so the Jackals checkpoint remains available for later use, if desired. It's not used in the movie, but it could come in useful after you've saved Shade guy from death. Preferably kill the entrance covies to keep things controlled. If you leave any alive they'll potentially fire on Shade guy later, which could interfere with you trying to keep him alive (although on Easy they tend to be slow to open fire).

01:18 (Getting close) Here are seven plays in which I get close by dropping him in various ways to delay him, including (for fun and variety) some outlandish long tags and a novel splattering. As with his pals, his droppability seems to be randomly decided each time he spawns or reanimates.

03:44 (Saving him) Just as I was expecting from past experience with some of his pals, you can save him from his scripted death by dropping him just before he teleports, so he teleports in a dropped state. Here's a first example, in which he's dropped right after he stops running. When you go up top, he's in the corner around to the left.

04:36 (Saving him and checkpointing) In this second example of saving him, I start with a grenade blast rather than a pistol shot. so there's no chance of maiming him (whereas, a pistol shot will often remove an arm). The throw is easy. Just aim to tag the Shade or land it nearby, and wait until the grenade is almost there before triggering him. Subsequently, I drop him with a pistol shot just before he stops running, and then I show how you can get a delayed checkpoint near him. I use a checkpoint which relates to the lift settling at the top, but there's also the Jackals checkpoint still available, triggered back past the log (e.g. in BCM258 around 7:02).

05:39 (Flipping, and combat) As seen previously with both swamp guy and log guy, you can flip him to enemy status by crossing the loading point. Then you can get a delayed checkpoint up top while still a good way off, and you can enjoy some combat. It's unwinnable though, as he's invincible.

06:02 In the final action clip I get him to leap off the edge. The technique I hit on was to jump up when he's getting close. If that's timed right, his leaping attack targets you when you're off the ground, causing him to go over. Without jumping, it's hard to get him to go over.

Closing remarks This makes the fourth yeti Flood I've shown being saved from death, and he felt like the easiest too. However, I can report here that I've lately also managed to save one of the duo guys, by using needling. It's just like I did for cliff guy really, except harder. So that makes five guys I've saved. Probably I can get the other duo guy too. I'll cover the duo in a later movie no doubt.

Talking of the duo, in the set-up work you could eliminate them if you want, by triggering them separately in advance, as seen in BCM261 around 2:48. But I wasn't fussed about doing that, and preferred to keep the set-up work simple.

UPDATE, 1/2/18: With ten movies done, I've now finished and posted a chunky article on yeti Flood.