BCM502 - Sleeping Grunts room battle, needler rampage x3

(6:51) Level 5 ('Assault on the Control Room') on Heroic. More needler rampaging in the sleeping Grunts room, but this time with an even spicier set-up in which I've added thirteen full needlers to the room, plus a wall transit Ghost.

Released June 30th 2024, gameplay recorded June 26th-29th 2024.


00:02 (Play 1) In this first play I start the action at the end of the first avenue, needling a Grunt then waiting for other covies to turn up. It's a plan I'd tried out during my work on the previous needler rampage movie, but which in the end I left for later.

A novel aspect of this play is that around 1:08 it becomes apparent that some Grunts are still sleeping, despite all the racket on the other side of the room!

02:03 (Play 2) This time I do a reverse battle after using the wall transit Ghost I installed (see BCM501 for a treatment of that topic). I get into some inner play around 3:19, killing both Elites with needle streams (followed by a nice tag on a panicking tunnel runner).

04:40 (Play 3) At the start of this play I demonstrate a novel tactic I haven't shown before. Namely, using a high ledge running along an avenue. You can do that for three of the avenues (the ones with a tunnel), though I only do it for the first one here. Amusingly, a red Elite goes into the tunnel while I'm up top, and I subsequently give him a surprise at the other end.

Closing remarks I know I only recently had a needler rampage movie, namely BCM499, but in my closing remarks for that movie I mentioned planning to create an even more needler-rich set-up. Having gone ahead and done that, I wanted to give it a showing before moving on from the sleeping Grunts room battle.

In regard to the thirteen needlers I added, seven were in similar places to what I had before, except that a few positions were tweaked in light of experience, to reduce the possibility of the needler getting blown away by an explosion. Of the other six needlers, two were added to the inner area, one being up on a shelf (seen around 3:29). Another needler was at the room's exit area (see 1:28) and another was just beyond that at the dividing wall. My previous needler set-up didn't have any needlers past the start of that last avenue, so I was sometimes a bit short on needles there.