Teleporting in a Ghost

Posted March 24th 2005

One of the fun things you can do using rearranging is get yourself teleported in a Ghost! Here's how.

Skip at the first bridge, and head through the level. At the exit of the rising section of tunnel after the underground bridge are the 'dropship Ghosts', destined to be brought in by the dropship. The game will teleport them into position under the ship when you trigger it later. If you move them down into the tunnel, you can potentially see them disappear when you trigger the ship. But what happens if you're inside one of the Ghosts when it gets teleported? Answer: you'll go with it! All of a sudden you'll be coming down with the ship, still sitting in the Ghost, and some grunty fool will raise the alarm with something like "Enemy!". You won't be able to do much in the air, but if you pan the camera around, it can give you a view of the enemy still inside their compartments. I bet they didn't expect to be getting joined by a cyborg quite so soon!

The easiest way to make sure you'll be in the Ghost when it teleports is to place it around the corner at the bottom of the tunnel. When you play through later, simply get in and start driving up the tunnel. The trigger point is just a short way up the rise.