BCM291 - Freakiness and fun

(5:32) Various levels and difficulties. Here's my 21st 'freakiness and fun' compilation, showing 16 freaky or amusing incidents, most of which occurred while recording footage for my usual movies - so you may recognize some of the situations.

Released June 10th 2018, gameplay recorded 2015-2018.


00:02 (AR spawn glitch) Thought I'd put this clip first as the opening door makes a nice start. In the room after the first of the twin bridges there's an AR which seems prone to taking a while to settle after spawning. When I noticed it recently, I recorded some plays from the entry checkpoint. This was my favourite, partly because it included some subsequent amusement with one of the patrolling Elites. I don't know if the AR is always initially unsettled like this, but I did notice similar behaviour on a later play. If you want to see it glitching, I think you need to get to it quite promptly though. Instead of going around the periphery like I did here, you can potentially cut through the middle of the room and go through the far window. You can reach it faster that way, hence watch it for longer. May 2018 footage from when I was scouting for merging locations, for possible inclusion in BCM283. Level 5, Heroic.

00:28 (Hog jump disaster) Jumping the hog across to the island plateau is easy, but here I'm a bit too cavalier (probably in the name of drama). The hog falls among the covies, who aren't best pleased to see me. I also then make a grenading mistake, throwing a frag when I thought I was throwing a plasma. It bounces off the Grunt I was trying to tag, and goes off at about the same time as the plasma blast which kills me. Feb 2018 footage from when I was recording for BCM272. Level 2, Heroic.

00:52 (Twofer) Having got a checkpoint when approaching the cavern, I did some playing about with sniping both of the patrolling Elites at once. This was a nice example. Double head-whang. May 2018 footage from when I was working on BCM282. Level 5, Heroic.

01:06 (Iced) After blasting two super-merged Elites off the hill, I follow in the Scorpion but it goes vertical and I'm ejected - and iced. Actually I think I pressed X to flip the tank as it was coming down (which is why it settles upright), but it was too late. May 2018 footage from when I was recording for BCM284. Level 5, Heroic.

01:27 (Jackal spawn blitz) You may recall the 'Spawn shot' clip in BCM273, where I headshoot a Grunt at almost the same moment he spawns. I had some fun making instant attacks on the Jackal that spawns at the back too. In this case I drive him back and over the edge with pistol fire. November 2017 footage from when I was recording for BCM259. Level 6, Heroic.

01:41 (Serves me right) It's so easy to get carried away with your needler. When I'm a bit mean to a Marine, I end up getting killed by his loose frags. Serves me right I guess! March 2018 footage from when I was recording for BCM279. Level 5, Heroic.

01:57 (Cliff prang) This is the most recent footage in the movie. When doing lots of plays to obtain variously coloured crewmen at the first structure, I was recording most of my play in case any Banshee pilot suffered an amusing departure death. This was a rather nice case, in which the pilot flies into a cliff and falls out dead. June 2018 footage from when I was recording for BCM290. Level 2, Heroic.

02:17 (Cyborg irritant) After nudging the Wraith over the edge, seeking to get it to the bottom via friction descent, I pester it with plasma fire. The pilot takes a first shot at me and misses, but gets me with the next, at close range. You should really be careful about annoying someone who's in a tank! March 2018 footage from when I was recording for BCM277. Level 5, Legendary.

02:36 (Wreckage tag) Had some fun trying some tricks with a Banshee doing departure circling. In this case the goal was to score a long-range tag the wreckage after the initial tag. December 2016 footage from the day after releasing BCM209. Level 2, Normal.

03:00 (Banshee cage) This gold Elite got himself trapped in the Banshee I'd stolen. Except, when I get close he swings his sword and it shifts the Banshee - and suddenly he's loose and coming after me! I instinctively tag him, but a rather better plan would've been to stun him with a plasma ball. I run, but get sliced up. May 2018 footage from when I was scouting for merging locations, for possible inclusion in BCM283. Level 5, Heroic.

03:24 (Fragged feeling) You might recall the 'Fall guy' clip in my last 'freakiness and fun' movie BCM280, where I repeatedly put this yeti Flood down with a pistol shot. This is similar but I'm using grenades. He happens to reanimate fragile each time, until finally I've used my last frag and he reanimates undroppable - and consequently shrugs off a plasma blast. December 2017 footage from when I was recording for BCM268. Level 6, Easy.

03:53 (Rapid response) After I blast the Wraith as I head in, it blasts me right back, no nonsense. Ouch! That was unexpectedly sudden, and I didn't think he'd fire that close. February 2018 footage from when I was recording for BCM276. Level 5, Legendary.

04:02 (Tree camo) Spiral path megabattle action. After fighting off the main attack down the path, I head for my Banshee. Just as I'm boarding I hear an Elite call out, and I subsequently find him in a tree. A cloaked guard from the tower. Either he stumbled off the edge above, or ended up there after being spooked by a grenade. He's easily blasted of course. June 2016 footage from when I was recording for BCM186. Level 5, Heroic.

04:17 (Just passing through) When I get this Banshee pilot out by tagging him, he doesn't stop for long. In all fairness though, my rocket launcher had something to do with that. November 2015 footage from when I was recording for BCM163. Level 10, Easy.

04:26 (Grunt 1, Warthog 0) There were two clips similar to this in the last 'freakiness and fun' movie BCM280, and now here's another. Trouble with a grenade throwing Grunt, who was quite a hazard. Still got a few more clips for later! February 2018 footage from when I was recording for BCM272. Level 2, Heroic.

04:40 (Log lookout) Here's an amusing situation I obtained when investigating yeti Flood. This Jackal was previously up on the log. You probably know him. I'd blasted him with a plasma grenade thrown from quite a way off, and he ended up underneath, with his head in the log so he couldn't see anything. I saved a checkpoint (the one for spawning covies at the structure) and did some initial plays with him, seeking amusing footage for one of these movies. This play was from about a month later though, and was my favourite. I was timing my play so the Marine would sign off just after the Jackal was killed. That also made the clip a good one for ending the movie with. December 2017 footage. Level 6, Legendary.

Closing remarks I haven't finished my movie work on body merging yet, but after ten installments on that topic I fancied a change for a while. I had plenty of footage available for another 'freakiness and fun' compilation, so I did some selecting and assembling, and here we are with another dose.