Weapon hot spots

Posted Janary 14th 2007, updated later

If you'd like to know the juiciest opportunities for using any particular weapon in Bad Cyborg's mass of extracurricular fun for the Halo campaign, this list of suggestions should be just the thing.

Assault rifle

For this wild-firing popgun you'll usually want to be quite close to enemies, to make those rounds count. Let's see what we can come up with:


Don't you just love the sound of that thing? Here are my best suggestions for ventilating masses of Covenant scum with lots of holes:


Ah the joy of streaming needles into stinkin' covie hide! Needler connoisseurs, load up that funky pink ammo and step this way:


If you're a pistol fan like me, you'll be happy to hear that you're spoilt for choice when it comes to great places to use it. Such as:

Plasma pistol

Powerhouse extraordinaire. The following should give your little horse-shoe of death plenty of scope to work its magic:

Plasma rifle

Laugh heartily as you toast covies with their own lethal technology, in any of the following scenarios:

Rocket launcher

If you like to make a firm statement with your weaponry, this is the baby for you, and you're in for plenty of explosive fun with the following:


Short-range brutality your thing? Try this for size:

Sniper rifle

Who can resist a spot of long-range death-dealing eh? Not me! Check out these excellent scenarios: