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If you're looking to get more fun out of campaign mode for the original Halo, and also Halo 3, ODST and Reach, you're in the right place because there are over a million words of cyborg-happy yammering here. In particular, for the original there's a massive section of fun backed up by hundreds of movies. So come on in and get a bit of red mist worked up under your visor! To help get you started, here are some random pictures from articles on the site. Click to enlarge, or click a caption to jump to the relevant page.

Latest updates

  • April 10th: Rear mob set-up plus action preview
    Hot new tower zone megabattling coming up! BCM475 covers the set-up work, and also gives a preview of the sort of carnage you can get from it.
  • April 6th: More sniping & rocketing
    Another four rounds with the sniper rifle and rocket launcher, in BCM474.
  • April 3rd: Tower zone megabattle, sniping & rocketing
    Lots of sniping and rocketing to enjoy, in BCM473.
  • March 29th: Shadow play jamboree
    The pistol and needler action continues in BCM472, but this time focused on the shadow area.
  • March 27th 2024: Movies continue!
    After quite a break, I'm back to pick up where I left off. I still need to get to the major topic of adding Marines to the two new megabattles, but first I've got some more solo battling lined up, starting with pistol and needler action in the tower zone megabattle. See BCM471.
  • October 16th: More tower defence
    There's more battling inside the tower, in BCM470.
  • October 12th: Indoor sniping
    The tower zone megabattling continues in BCM469 with some indoor sniping.
  • October 6th: Final three plays
    A final dose of vehicle heavy combat for you with my Wraith & Ghosts set-up, in BCM468. Also, I've started a Battle talk page in my tower zone megabattle article.
  • October 4th: Another three plays
    More vehicle-based action in BCM467.
  • October 2nd: Wraith plus Ghosts
    In BCM466 the covies not only have the Wraith but now also two Ghosts!
  • September 29th: More Wraith action
    More Wraith enhanced tower zone megabattling, in BCM465.
  • September 27th: Tower zone megabattling with a Wraith
    In BCM464 we get to the matter of having a manned Wraith in your tower zone megabattling. I've also expanded my written material on the topic.
  • September 24th: Another four plays
    The sniping and rocketing continues, in BCM463.
  • September 23rd: Tower zone megabattling with sniper rifle & launcher
    In BCM462 I once again I tackle a mob coming from near the tunnel exit.
  • September 21st: Another four plays
    More battling with pistol & needler in BCM461, using the same set-up.
  • September 19th: Tower zone megabattling with pistol & needler
    I'm back to the tower zone megabattle in BCM460, and doing an awful lot of needling!
  • September 15th: Up-flow sniping & rocketing
    In BCM459 I enjoy some up-flow battling with a sniper rifle and rocket launcher.
  • September 13th: Modifying an up-flow set-up
    In BCM458 I modify an up-flow set-up, then go into battle with plasma weapons.
  • September 11th: Better up-flow set-up work
    There's improved up-flow set- up work in BCM457, plus some action!
  • September 8th: Up-flow action with a base fight set-up
    There's yet more up-flow action in BCM456, but this time using my recent base fight set-up.
  • September 6th: More up-flow action
    The up-flow battling continues in BCM455, featuring some Ghost use.
  • September 5th: Tunnel megabattle, up-flow dynamic
    Continuing with the tunnel megabattle, BCM454 introduces up-flow battling, and I've also added a page on the topic in my article (note: I may expand that page later).
  • September 3rd: Tunnel megabattle, more base fighting
    More action at the tunnel base, in BCM453.
  • September 1st: Tunnel megabattle, base fighting
    There's carnage at the base of the tunnel with needler & AR, in BCM452.
  • August 30th: Tunnel megabattle, sniping plays with mob stretching
    More sniping and rocketing in the tunnel megabattle for you. Don't miss BCM451.
  • August 29th: Tunnel megabattle, sniping plays
    It's time to get sniping (and rocketing) in the tunnel megabattle. Check out BCM450!
  • August 27th: Another four plays
    Four more plays of my tunnel megabattle set-up for you, in BCM449.
  • August 25th: Another three plays
    Three more plays of my initial tunnel megabattle set-up for you, in BCM448.
  • August 23rd: Tunnel megabattle
    Having introduced the tower zone megabattle, it's time to do the same for a conflagration which utilises the tower zone set-up work but takes place in the tunnel that came before. See my article Tunnel megabattle plus my opening movie on the topic, BCM447.
  • August 20th: More sniping plays
    BCM446 shows four more sniping plays of that previous set-up.
  • August 17th: Tower zone megabattle, sniping plays
    BCM445 shows some of the fantastic sniping opportunities the tower zone megabattle presents.
  • August 13th: Final four plays (for now)
    BCM444 delivers a final four rounds of tower zone megabattle carnage using my set-up.
  • August 11th: Another four plays
    Another four rounds of tower zone megabattle carnage in BCM443. One movie to go!
  • August 9th: Another four plays
    Yet another four plays of my tower zone megabattle set-up, in BCM442.
  • August 8th: Another four plays
    Enjoy another four plays of my tower zone megabattle set-up, in BCM441.
  • August 4th: Tower zone megabattle
    After some feverish R&D, I can start my coverage of a major new topic: the tower zone megabattle. As well as the article, to which I'll add in the coming weeks, I'm releasing BCM439 and BCM440, respectively showing the creation of a set-up plus four plays of it. More plays coming shortly!
  • July 16th: Glasshouse battling, part 3
    My opening trilogy concludes with BCM438, in which I enjoy a good deal of gratuitous needling!
  • July 13th: Glasshouse battling, part 2
    Continuing with my 38-covie glasshouse set-up, BCM437 delivers three more rounds of carnage but this time with a rocket launcher and AR.
  • July 10th 2023: Movie making resumes!
    Motivated in part by the glories of the heavy duty combat which I've continued to enjoy over the last three years, I recently felt the need to make H1 movies again. And so I announce my return, although my output will likely be at a more casual pace this time. For starters I have some hectic glasshouse battling for you, against 38 covies. In BCM436 I'm using plasma weapons, but watch out for two sequels coming shortly, featuring other weapon combos.
  • November 30th 2022: Firefight CE interview
    A special addition to the site, after all this time. Check out my in-depth interview with Photolysis, the creator of Firefight CE.
  • June 25th 2020: Hanging up my helmet
    Alas, after a great deal of grunty fun it's finally time for me to hang up my helmet and move on; see my forum announcement. There may yet be a spot more content some day, but we'll see.