If you're looking to get more fun out of campaign mode for the original Halo, and also Halo 3, ODST and Reach, you're in the right place because there are over a million words of cyborg-happy yammering here. In particular, for the original there's a massive section of fun backed up by hundreds of movies. So come on in and get a bit of red mist worked up under your visor! To help get you started, here are some random pictures from articles on the site. Click to enlarge, or click a caption to jump to the relevant page.

Latest updates

  • July 3rd: Freakiness and fun returns
    Yep, here's a new one of those clip compilations I used to do: BCM503.
  • June 30th: Sleeping Grunts room battle, needler rampage x3
    More needler rampaging in the sleeping Grunts room, this time with a new set-up: see BCM502.
  • June 25th: Sleeping Grunts room battle, reverse battling via wall transit
    BCM501 concerns a sneaky trick relating to reverse battling. I've also added a section on reverse battling to my article, plus an unrelated note on a strange checkpoint dependency.
  • June 21st: Sleeping Grunts room showcase
    A big milestone is reached! Movie 500 in my series: BCM500.
  • June 17th: Sleeping Grunts room battle, needler rampage x3
    In BCM499 it's a case of needles, needles, and more needles! In connection with that, I've also added to my article; see Adding weapons to the room.
  • June 14th: Sleeping Grunts room battle, sniping spotlight
    Putting the focus on sneaky sniping, in BCM498.
  • June 12th: Sleeping Grunts room battle, speed plays
    Going all out for speed now, in BCM497. I've also added to my article; see the new 'Further remarks' section plus a bit about speed plays.
  • June 9th: Three more battles
    The sleeping Grunts get another workout, in BCM496.
  • June 4th: Sleeping Grunts room battle x3
    Stepping things up to Legendary now. See BCM495 for the fireworks!
  • May 29th: Sleeping Grunts room battle; article & set-up tutorial
    Check out my new article Sleeping Grunts room battle (expansion coming later), and see also my set-up tutorial BCM494.
  • May 25th: Sleeping Grunts room, three more ways
    There are further wake-up calls for those sleepy Grunts in BCM493!
  • May 21st: Sleeping Grunts room, four ways
    In BCM492 I tackle a well known room in various ways.
  • May 18th: Rising needler
    There's some unusual covie hardware to toy with in BCM491. A needler heading upwards!
  • May 11th: Plateau plays
    In BCM490 I attack the rear mob from up on two plateaus.
  • May 9th: Passage plays
    There's heavy rear mob action focused on the tower's back passage, in BCM489.
  • May 6th: Pipe-top fun
    In BCM488 I enjoy attacking the rear mob from an interesting new perch!
  • May 4th: Plateau channel spotlight
    More rear mob carnage, this time focusing on an especially nice location. See BCM487.
  • May 2nd: Shadow plays
    Some heavy-duty battling against the rear mob now, in BCM486.
  • April 30th: Camo fun
    Check out BCM485 for some cloaked mischief with the rear mob.
  • April 28th: Indoor vehicle fun
    Tackling the rear mob indoors now, with Ghost and Banshee! See BCM484.
  • April 26th: Ice party
    In BCM483 I draw the rear mob over to the big ice patch for some fun 'n games!
  • April 24th: Chain reaction fun with a Ghost
    A Ghost helps me engineer some nice bangs with the rear mob, in BCM482.
  • April 22nd: Tower plays
    The action with the rear mob heads indoors now. Three plays to enjoy, in BCM481.
  • April 20th: Door mischief
    There's mischief to be had with the rear mob at the nearby door, in BCM480.
  • April 19th: Vehicle plays
    Banshee and Ghost are my weapons of choice against the rear mob today, in BCM479.
  • April 17th: Pipe perch fun
    Attacking the rear mob from a novel spot, in BCM478.
  • April 15th: Another five rear mob plays
    Another five servings of carnage with the rear mob, in BCM477.
  • April 13th: Rear mob plays x5
    A first instalment of battles with the rear mob, in BCM476. Quite spicy!
  • April 10th: Rear mob set-up plus action preview
    Hot new tower zone megabattling coming up! BCM474 covers the set-up work, and also gives a preview of the sort of carnage you can get from it.
  • April 6th: More sniping & rocketing
    Another four rounds with the sniper rifle and rocket launcher, in BCM475.
  • April 3rd: Tower zone megabattle, sniping & rocketing
    Lots of sniping and rocketing to enjoy, in BCM473.
  • March 29th: Shadow play jamboree
    The pistol and needler action continues in BCM472, but this time focused on the shadow area.
  • March 27th 2024: Movies continue!
    After quite a break, I'm back to pick up where I left off. I still need to get to the major topic of adding Marines to the two new megabattles, but first I've got some more solo battling lined up, starting with pistol and needler action in the tower zone megabattle. See BCM471.